Newton’s Method

The video that I shared here is a set of video that talking about Newton’s Method. The explaination in this video is easy to understand. So try to watch the video although it will take time.


Secant Method

A Secant Method is a method to find a root of function by assumes a function to be approximately linear in the region of interest. Each improvement is taken as the point where the approximating line crosses the axis. The secant method retains only the most recent estimate, so the root does not necessarily remain bracketed.

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False Position Method

False position method or the regula falsi, is a very old method for solving non-linear function. This method actually using a concept of trial and error technique of using test (“false”) values for the variable and then adjusting the test value according to the outcome. This is sometimes also referred to as “guess and check”.

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Bisection Method

Bisection Method is a numerical method to find a root for a given function. A root of function is when f(x)=a where the value of f(a)=0 .

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