What is Computer?

For the current generation, computers are something common and used in daily life. Every house has a computer for various activities such as working, entertainment, playing games, communication. But what are computers in a new technology perspective meant?

For students FSPK0012- Section 32,

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Thank you for the Computer that we can use this sharing video develop by others from so far away from Malaysia. Still, with technology, we can learn from others worldwide. Don’t you think it is because of the Computer?

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Is any combination of information technology and people’s activities that support operations, management and decision making


Information systems are the interactions between people, technology, and an organization’s business processes. Engineers work to provide and develop information systems to help address current issues, future trends, and emerging technologies.

(Institution of civil engineering)


Numerical Differentiation is an approximate solution of initial value problems for ordinary differential equations. Here I shared some video in youtube that can help you understand how we are going to solved the equation using numerical differentiation.