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Invited Speaker | Ir. Dr. Hazilah Mad Kaidi

Invited Speaker



Smart community: The Impact of Internet of Thing (IoT) Applications


A smart community aim is at how districts use ICT to solve challenges, provide new opportunities and to improve lives and their business. They should utilize the technologies by improved service delivery, a better quality of life and enjoy the cost and energy saving. The rapid growth in IoT applications recently gives a significant impact to the society and community. Agriculture is one of the examples that farmers are ready to use IoT to improve their business by reducing workers and enjoy the same quality of the product. Besides that, IoT allows an individual interested in managing small scale farming by monitoring and controlling remotely. Another interesting example in IoT application is in health monitoring. In Malaysia, most stroke patients return to their home once they are discharged from hospitals after a short stay in hospital. Generally, instructions will be given to patients and caregivers on how to continue rehabilitation at home. With the aid of IoT in helping patients and caregivers understanding the correct way of improvement at home, it can motivate them to follow the instruction consistently. These two scenarios show that the implementation of IoT has a significant potential to simplify problems in the community.