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Supervision | Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan Academia UTM Johor Bahru

Joining PSM students and Amos, PhD student for their Bukit Antarabangsa fieldwork – May 23

At Taman Bumit Mewah where in 2008 there was a major landslide here, several casualties
One of the TNB’s sub-station in Bukit Antarabangsa
Near Ampang’s LRT line
Spring Ville Apartment, Ukay Perdana where a major landslide mitigation wall is in place

Amos is doing something on landslide hazard while Intan is focusing on landslide vulnerability towards TNB’s assets.

Sending off Umar Jambo after Completing his M.Sc (Geoinformatics) – May 2023

Alhamdulillah. Umar completed his masters with flying colours. He started his 1st semester abroad as the MCO made it still stringent to enter the country, only during the 2nd semester he came here. Umar received a scholarship from his country, Nigeria to pursue his masters here, given he is the lecturer in one of the college there.

I was given the opportunity to supervise his Master’s project which managed to publish one journal article in Geografia, WoS indexed for his work on the landslide vulnerability at Sireh Park. Hard work paid off.