Noteworthy Projects

Selected projects:

2016-2017 : The Establishment of State of Perak Geospatial Master Plan, Client – Perak Economic Planning Unit (UPEN Perak)

2017-2018 : Leader, The Production of Election Thematic Map for Testing the Suitability of Open Source Geospatial Technology in Mapping Youth Perception, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Geran Universiti Penyelidikan Tier 2

2018-2020 : Guidelines for Landslide Vulnerability Assessment and Development of Risk Index for Critical Infrastructure (CI) in Malaysia, Client – Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM)

2019-Now : Leader, Machine Learning Parameterization of Spatial-Based Multi-Tourism Tour Packaging. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Encouragement Grant

2020-Now : Leader, Establishing Spatial-Based Index for Mapping the Level of Community Harmony by Incorporating Factors of Ethnic Tension and Radicalism, Ministry of Higher Education Fundamental Research Grant Scheme