Master students

Nur Fadhilah Binti Ramli – Spatial Parameterization of Tourism Attraction for Tour Packaging, Main SV (On-going)

Mohammad Sahrul Akmal Bin Abd Sahrin – Advancing Landslide Risk Register Via Geospatial Metamodel Approach Case Study Of Bukit Antarabangsa, Main SV (Completed)

Norhafizi Bin Mohamad – Improvement of Point Cloud Algorithm for the Assessment of Surface Elevation Changes Underneath Mangrove Canopy Using Unmanned Aerial Vehcile Data, Main SV (Graduated)

Umar Mohammed Jambo – Geospatial Approach for Landslide Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Infrastructures in Sireh Park, Johor Bahru, Main SV (Graduated)

Amos Mafigiri – Human Factor Impact Towards Landslide Susceptibility, Main SV (Graduated)

Omer Elsayedfaki Elsayed Mohamed Nour Faki – Inventory of Tree Species and Risk in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Using Geographic Information System, Main SV (Graduated)

Dezeree Difny Noris – Weight of Evidence Modelling for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Sepanggar, Sabah, Main SV (Graduated)

Nur Najihah Binti Hasan – Assessing the Prevalence of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Using Geospatial Density and Distribution Techniques, Main SV (Graduated)

Norraisha Binti Md Sabtu – Predictive Model for Red Palm Weevil Population in Coconut Using Environmental Variables and Regression Method, Co-SV (Graduated)

Siti Marissa Binti Abd Rahim – Assessment of Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Due to Surface and Subsurface Factor, Co-SV (On-going)

Nur Fadila Binti Khalid – Coastal Inundation Risk Assessment Using Multimission Satellite Altimeter and Digital Elevation Models, Co-SV (Graduated)