PhD students

Hamza Ahmad Al-Halaybeh – Using Geoinformatics for Land-Water and Disaster Management in Palestine , Main SV (On-going)

Nik Ahmad Faris Bin Nik Effendi – Spatial Tsunami Vulnerability Assessment for Communities, Main SV (On-going)

Amos Mafigiri – Landslide Hazard Zonation using Climate Change and Anthropological Factors, Main SV (On-going)

Juhaida Binti Jamal – Geospatial Analysis Of Radicalism Via Machine Learning, Main SC (On-going)

Hafiz Aminu Umar – Underground Water Hydrocarbon Pollution Modelling Using Geospatial Approach And Its Impact On Ahoada Communities Health, Main SV (Graduated)

Amiruddin Mohamad – Comparative Analysis of Different State Geospatial Master Plan Initiative, Co-SV (On-going)

Wardatun Ahmar Binti Abdul Manan – Landslide Susceptibility Map Assessment Using Geographic Information Systems, Co-SV (On-going)

Mohamed Khatif Tawaf Bin Mohamed Yusof – Evaluating the Effects of Climate Changes on Landslide Hazard Zonation Area Using Artificial Neural Network and YS Slope Model, Co-SV (On-going)

Mohd Asraff Bin Asmadi – Development Of Landslide Vulnerability And Risk Assessment Models For Critical Infrastructure In Malaysia Using Geospatial Approach, Co-SV (On-going)

Mohd Radhie Bin Mohd Salleh – Vegetation Anomalies As An Indicator For Landslide Activity Classification Using Multiresolution Remote Sensing Data, Co-SV (Graduated)