Ongoing Research Projects

Project Leader

  1. A Framework for promoting metacognitive abilities among students in online social learning environment. RM86,200.00. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Education Malaysia.
  2. Guidelines towards students online learning success: An implementation of the framework of metacognitive scaffolding in learning through Facebook. RM20,000.00. Potential Academic Staff Grant. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
  3. Using Social Network Analysis to Assess Student’s Social Behavior Structure in Online Learning Community. GUP Tier 2 Grant. RM20,000.¬†Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and¬†Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Project Member

  1. The use of learning analytic for the improvement of teaching practice.
  2. Exploring the use of e-learning embedded with sign language video among hearing impaired students in learning science.
  3. Towards future university: Mobile learning social network model.
  4. Modul sukarelawan bagi pembelajaran sekolah dalam hospital.