PhD Students

  1. Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Shaye (2020, Saudi). Status: Completed.
  2. Ismaliza Ismail (Malaysia). Status: Ongoing.
  3. Pan Qi. Status: Ongoing.
  4. Wang You. Status: Ongoing.
  5. Xu Ting. Status: Ongoing.
  6. Liu Mingzi. Status: Ongoing.
  7. Chen Ya Jie. Status: Ongoing.
  8. Meng Fang Yuan. Status: Ongoing.

Masters Students

  1. Noriesah Ahmad (Malaysia). Status: Completed.
  2. Woon Tian Wen (Malaysia). Status: Completed.
  3. Mardhiyana Abidin (Malaysia). Status: Completed.
  4. Syafawati Iliyas (Malaysia). Status: Completed.
  5. Nur Hanis Amin Husni (Malysia). Status: Completed.
  6. Yazid bin Saupian. Status: Completed.
  7. Ow Jia Ling. Status: Completed.
  8. Mohd Zulkarnain bin Samri. Status: Ongoing.
  9. Mohamad Jeffery bin Ojek. Status: Ongoing.


I am looking for Master and PhD students who would like to continue their study in Educational Technology program.

If you are interested, please email