Bonus Mark for e-Content Development (eLPPT)

University has agreed to award Bonus Marks 5% for development of original open e-content based on the following Circular: Administration Circular No. 19/2016, Pelaksanaan Penambahbaikan Penilaian Prestasi Staf Akademik (eLPPT) Tahun 2016 Mengambil Kira Keperluan Universiti Penyelidikan Bagi Komponen Pengajaran, Penyelidikan dan Perkhidmatan.


Original open e-Content materials as defined by Dasar e-Pembelajaran Negara (DePAN) includes digital materials that:

  1. self-developed by lecturer,
  2. did not violate any copyright,
  3. offered openly online for teaching and learning process,
  4. offered openly on platformother than e-Learning UTM (which means materials can be directly accessed by anyone anywhere).

Hence, for 2019 evaluation, academic staff has to fill in information related to any development of e-content in My UTM using UTM Acad link for assessment and verification by UTMLead. Bonus Marks will appear automatically in e-LPPT for qualified staff.

email date: 21 nov 2019 (