Self-Assessment & Reflection :: [TES]

Goals of Student Learning
  1. Short-term goals – Manage to solve errors in programming
  2. Long-term goals – Critical & Creative thinking
  3. Work-habit goals – Learn before formal class (Flipped Learning)
  4. Subject-area goals – Improve grades
  5. Behavioral goals – Helping others in solving errors in programming & volunteering in class activities
  6. Specific knowledge goals – Manage to develop a simple programming aplication
Personal Philosophy

To be add later…

Belief and practices of assessment and evaluation

During the process of assessment, I believed this is the process where students can improved themselves and learn from their mistakes. I will help the students and guide them in preparing and completing their assignments. However, once they have submitted their assignments, I will only give a second chance to those who did not making a good progress in their assignments. I could not give all the students the chance to improve their assignments for those already received good marks.

Self-reflection of teaching development over time and how this relates to future goals

I have analyzed all feedback give for my teaching style and methods for year 2019. My focus for 2020 is to help students in programming course which shown that majority of the students facing problem when learning programming through online classes. I have conclude 2 major problems and come out with the solutions as below:

  • [Problem 1]:
    For programming courses, I have to spend more time in class to help students in fixing problems, errors and all technical issues rise when students doing their coding.
    [Solution] :
    I have change my teaching methods, where students have to do all the notes’ reading before classes (flipped learning) when it comes to the practical topic. In the class session, I will ask a student to share his/her computer screen and write down the coding spontaneously. Student has to volunteer his/her self, otherwise I will pick any of the students to practice.
  • [Problem 2]:
    As coding and development needs more efforts on understanding a new software and learn new programming language, it is become a big challenge for students with no programming background to learn this.
    I have to record all my synchronize class sessions (using webex platform) and share the videos to the students. In addition, I have to do a few editing as the videos is too long before I can share to the students. However, I am facing a few problems like problems with the laptop’s microphone and camera as well as a low specification of my laptop (laptop is quite out dated). Thus, I could not installed with the latest version of software and the recording have some flaws in the sounds output.

Some of the students cannot installed the same version of software as mine and some of them have to installed a previous/earlier version as their laptop did not support the latest/current version.

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