Research Areas/Interest

My research area is in Information Technology specifically in ontology and database management. My research usually makes both quantitative and qualitative methods. Some of the application areas I have studied relatively recently or am currently studying are listed below:

1. Ontology – I done my PhD research in ontology datastore, which focuses on hierarchical mind-map structure to provide ontology search-based mechanism among novice reseachers.

2. Educational Technology – I work in Department of Science, Mathematics and Multimedia Creative at Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I teach courses related to multimedia subject such as MPT1293 – CD-ROM Based Multimedia Development, LPM1443 – ICT in Education, SPM1012 – Telecommunication & Networking, SPM2102 – Programming Langguage 1 (C++),  SPM2342 – Information management in Education, SPM3112 – Programming Langguage 2 (Visual Basic) and SPM3122 – Programming Langguage 3 (HTML & JavaScript).