I earned my Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 1998 and followed it with a Master of Engineering in 2002 from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Subsequently, I attained my PhD in 2008 from The University of Western Australia (UWA), specializing in Structural Health Monitoring. Commencing my academic journey as a Tutor at UTM in 1998, I now hold the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM

My academic focus lies within Structural Health Monitoring, specifically on detecting damage through vibration analysis. I’ve contributed to numerous research endeavors to innovate methods for identifying damage using vibration parameters. Additionally, I am actively engaged in research within Earthquake Engineering and Artificial Neural Networks

As an academic, I extend my expertise to consultancy services for diverse industries and organizations, addressing noise and vibration concerns such as environmental impact assessment, noise mapping, noise mitigation, vibration analysis, and vibration testing. My areas of expertise encompass structural dynamics, noise and vibration, finite element analysis, signal processing, experimental techniques, and numerical modeling. My overarching goal is to propel the field of structural engineering and noise and vibration by means of teaching, research, and consultancy endeavors. I am driven by a passion to apply my knowledge and skills towards resolving practical challenges, ultimately bolstering the safety, efficacy, and sustainability of structures and systems