Completed Projects

As Project Leader

1Structural Damage Identification Using Vibration Data  UTMNew Academic Staff Grant  RM10,00016 Mar 200915 Mar 20103P015
2Optimal Sensor Placement for Vibration Based Damage Detection in Civil StructureUTMResearch University Grant (TIER 2)  RM40,0001 Apr 201131 Jul 201701J99
3Subspace and Envelope Subtraction Algorithm to Minimize False Alarms in Vibration-based Damage DetectionUTMResearch University Grant (TIER 1)  RM100,0001 Jan 201231 Dec 2014  05H21
4Petrochemical Plant Structural Integrity AssessmentUTMTrans- disciplinary Research Grant (UTM-TDR)RM80,0001 Dec 2018       31 May 202207G48
5Network-level in-fleet (NLIF) for structural health monitoring of highway bridgeUTMProfessional Development Research University Grant (PDRU)  RM123,0001 Sept 202231 Aug 202303498
6Coal Ash utilization for environment friendlu road materialUTMMatching grantRM40,0001 Dec 201931 Nov 202102M46
6A Study on Uncertainties in Vibration Based Damage Detection for Reinforced Concrete BridgeNATIONALFundamental Research Grant (FRGS)  RM50,00014 Aug 200913 Aug 20113F354
7A Study on A New Algorithm of Sensor Placement for Enhancing the Sensitivity in Vibration Based Damage Detection for Reinforced Concrete BridgeNATIONALFundamental Research Grant (FRGS)  RM50,0001 Jan 2011     31 Dec 20124F051
8Statistical coordinate-based simulated annealing to consider uncertainties for sensor placementNATIONALExploratory Research Grant (FRGS)  RM105,0001 June 201331 May 20154L101
9Uncertainties Handling in Vibration-based Damage Detection using hybrid subspace Algorithm and Envelope Subtraction MethodNATIONALFundamental Research Grant (FRGS)  RM79,0001 Dec 201315 Dec 20154F308
10Non-probabilistic Artificial Neural Network to Consider Uncertainties in Vibration-based damage detectionNATIONALFundamental Research Grant (FRGS)  RM84,0002 Nov 20151 Nov 20174F800
11Structural Integrity Assessment  NATIONALHICOE GrantRM332,3021 Jan 201631 Dec 20204J224
12Structural Integrity Assessment (Cont.)NATIONALHICOE GrantRM65,0001 Sep 201931 Aug 202004E97
13Sustainable Utilization of coal ash for quality pavementINTER NATIONALNon- government grantRM40,0001 Dec 201931 Nov 20234B596

As co- researcher

1Earthquake Hazard Reduction Product: Base Isolator Application to Precast Concrete Wall Panel BuildingsUTMResearch University Grant (TIER 1)  RM170,00011 Apr 201130 June 201302H09
2Study on the Effect on the Ground Vibration to Surrounding Ground and Multi-story Building in MalaysiaUTMResearch University Grant (TIER 2)  RM34,0001 Dec 201231 Dec 201390J22
 Asset Integrity Management System for Ageing Petrochemical Plants in MalaysiaUTMTrans- disciplinary Research Grant (UTM-TDR)RM240,0001 Dec 201830 Nov 202205G98
 Enhanced Autonomous Crack Damage Detection at Various Distance Using Convolution Neural NetworksUTMUTM Fundamental GrantRM48,0001 Jan 202030 June 202221H01
 Study on the use of Green Waste Fly Ash and Bottom Ash for Lightweight ConcreteUTMMatching GrantRM40,0001 Dec 201931 May 202201M95
 Real Time Structural Assessment of Historical Structure using Wireless Sensor NetworkUTMUTM Encouragmt GrantRM20,0001 Oct 202131 Mar 202420J66
 Reinforcement of Ceentitious Matrix by Cellulosic Aerogel–Carbon Based Nano compositeUTMMatching GrantRM40,0001 Dec 201931 May 202201M94
2Seismic Risk Assessment and Forecasting of Klang Valley and Kundasang Regions Due to Previous and Possible Local EarthquakeNATIONALScience FundRM388,7501 Apr 201231 Mar 20144S021
3New Seismic Hazard Map for Malaysian National Annex in EUROCODE8 and Construction Cost Implication for Buildings and BridgesNATIONALScience FundRM248,0001 Sep 201230 Sep 20144S043
 Exploration of Woodpacker’s Head Mechanics for Developement of A New Structural Impact ResistanceNATIONALExploratory Research Grant (ERGS)RM112,0001 June 201331 May 20154L098
 Elementary anisotropic curved beam formulation for fracture toughness of triaxial weave fabric compositeNATIONALFundamental Research Grant (FRGS)  RM90,0001 Jul 201431 Dec 20164F518
 Structural Health Monitoring for EarthquakesNATIONALHICOE GrantRM424,5511 Jan 201631 Dec 20244J223
 Fire and explotion structural and Geophysical Investigation for Subsurface Integrity AssessmentNATIONALHICOE GrantRM236,737.531 Jan 201631 Dec 20244J222
 Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan Video Serta Bahan E-Pembelajaran Bagi Kursus Fasilitator MyCrestNATIONALNon Government Agency GrantRM100,00030 Mar 202131 Dec 20214B693
 A New Algorithm in Real Time Structural Health Monitoring on Road Tunnel Structural System using Vibration Based Damage Detection TechniqueNATIONALFundamental Research Grant (FRGS)  RM161,5971 Oct 202330 Sep 20265F600
 Potential use of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash for Green Stryctyural Lightweight ConcreteINTER NATIONALNon Government Agency GrantRM40,0001 Dec 201930 June 20224B469
 Cellulosic Aerogel-Carbon Based Nanocomposites for Reinforcement of Cementitious matrixINTER NATIONALNon Government Agency GrantRM40,0001 Dec 201930 June 20224B525