Completed Projects

University Seed Fund

  1. Project Leader, Structural Damage Identification Using Vibration Data. Budget approved RM40000. March 2009-March 2010. (Vot 3P015)

Science Fund 

  1.  Project Member, Seismic Risk Assessment and Forecasting of Klang Valley and Kundasang Regions due to previous and possible           local earthquake. Budget approved RM388,750. April 2012-March 2014. (Vot 4S021)
  2. Project Member, New Seismic Map for Malaysia International Annex in Eurocode 8 and Construction Cost Implication for Buildings and Bridges, Budget approved RM248,650. September 2012-September 2014. (Vot 4S593).

Fundamental Research Grant 

  1. Project Leader, A Study on Uncertainties in Vibration Based Damage Detection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge. Budget approved RM50,000. August 2009 – August 2011. (Vot 3F354)
  1. Project Leader, A study on a new algorithm of sensor placement for enhancing the sensitivity in vibration based damage detection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge. Budget approved RM50,000. January 2011 – December 2012. (Vot 4F051)
  1. Project Leader, Uncertainties handling in vibration based damage detection using hybrid subspace algorithm and envelope subtraction method. Budget approved RM41,000. December 2013 – December 2015. (Vot 4F308)
  1. Project Member, Exploration of Woodpacker’s Head Mechanics for Development of a New Structural Impact Resistance. Budget approved RM75,613. June 2013 – May 2015. (Vot 4L098.)
  1. Project Member, Elementary anisotropic curved beam formulation for fracture toughness of triaxial weave fabric composite. Budget approved RM90, 000. July 2014 – Dec 2016. (Vot 4F518.)
  1. Project Leader, Non-Probabilistic Artificial Neural Network to Consider Uncertainties in Vibration Based-Damage Detection. Budget approved RM84,000. Nov 2015 – Nov 2017. (Vot 4F8000).

HICOE grant 

  1. Project Leader, Structural Integrity Assessment . Budget approved RM157,000. Jan 2016 – Dec 2018. (Vot 4J224).
  1. Project Member, Fire and Explosion Structural And Geophysical Investigation for Subsurface Integrity Assessment. Budget approved RM100,000. Jan 2016 – Dec 2018. (Vot 4J222).
  1. Project Member, Structural Health Monitoring System For Earthquakes. Budget approved RM193,000. Jan 2016 – Dec 2018. (Vot 4J223).

Exploratory Research Grant 

  1. Project Leader, Statistical coordinate-based simulated annealing to consider uncertainties for sensor placement. Budget approved RM79,000. June 2013 – May 2015. (Vot 4L101)

Research University Grant 

  1. Project Leader, Optimal sensor placement for vibration based damage detection of civil structure. Budget approved RM40,000. April 2011 – July 2012. (Vot 01J99).
  1. Project Leader, Subspace and envelope subtraction algorithm to minimize false alarms in vibration based damage detection. Budget approved RM100, 000. December 2012 – December 2014. (Vot 05H21)
  1. Project Member, Earthquake Hazard Reduction Product: Base Isolator Application to Precast Concrete Wall Panel Buildings. Budget approved RM170, 000. April 2011 – July 2013. (Vot 02H09).
  1. Project Member, Study on the Effect of Ground Vibration to Surrounding Ground and Multi-story Building in Malaysia. Budget approved RM34, 000. December 2012 – December 2014. (Vot 09J22)