Master (by research)

  1. Tong Koon Hong – Main supervisor, ‘Optimal sensor placement using improved Simulated Annealing’. (Completed).
  2.  Mohd Zhafri Jamil Abd Nazir – Co supervisor, ‘Meshfree Formulation for Inverse Frequencies Analysis Incorporating Artificial Neural Network’. (Completed).
  3.  Mohd Zulariffin Md Maarof – Co supervisor, ‘Implementation of Genetic Algorithm in Model Identificationof Box-Jenkins Methodology’. (Completed)
  4.  Sarehati Umar – Main-supervisor, ‘Response Surface model for Vibration-based Damage Detection’. (In Progress).
  5.  Khairul Hazman Padil – Main supervisor, ‘ Non-probabilistic Artificial Neural Network for vibration-based damage detection( In progress).
  6.  Mohd Isa Mohd Jaafar – Main supervisor, ‘ A study on vibration behaviour due to road traffic’ (In progress).