PhD students

  1. Mehdi Moharrami Meynagh, Co-supervisor, ‘ Collaborative procurement strategy in private sector Housing Projects using Industrialised Building System’. ( Completed on March 2017).
  2. Goh Lyn Dee, Co-supervisor, ‘Vibration-based damage detection with Multi-stage Artificial Neural Network’. (Completed on August 2015).
  3. Ali Ashgar Bavafa, Co-supervisor, ‘Generic safety performance evaluation prototype for construction projects’. (Completed on April 2017.).
  4. Hoofar Shokravi , Main supervisor, ‘Application of subspace-based identification methods for damage detection of structures.’ (In progress).
  5. Abdul Kareem Muyideen Oladimenji, Main supervisor, ‘Vibration based damage detection using wavelet method’. (In progress).
  6. Edo Oga Ojoko, Main supervisor, ‘Critical success factors influencing industrialised building systems performance in Nigerian mass housing projects’. (In progress)
  7. Khairul Hazman Padil, Main supervisor, ‘Damage detection using ambient vibration data by Non-Probabilistic Artificial Neural Network’. (In progress)
  8. Sarehati Umar, Main supervisor, ‘ Ambient vibration damage detection using non-linear autoregressive network’. (In progress).
  9. Mohd Zamri Ramli, Co-supervisor, ‘Seismic isolation for bridge in low to moderate earthquake region’. (In progress).
  10. Nuria, S. Mohammed, Co-supervisor, ‘Behaviour And Performance Of Non-Cement Polymer Grouted Spiral Connection’,
  11. Ernest Egba Ituma, Co-supervisor, ‘ The effect of corrosion to modal properties of structures . (In progress