Quote of the Day

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a quote. Here’s one for today.


Credit to Livelifehappy from Flickr.

Quote of the Day: Al-Mulk (67:13)

I read this surah last night, as I do most nights, and I was struck by this ayat:

‘Dan rahsiakanlah perkataanmu atau nyatakan kerana sesungguhnya, Dia mengetahui segala isi hati’ (67:13)

because, many times in my life, Allah s.w.t has proven to me that he hears all of ‘lintasan hati’, even the most trivial of them. So, this means that we must take what we say out loud, and those kept hidden in our hearts seriously, always make istighfar when negative thoughts or niat comes, because Allah s.w.t can hear! so be careful!

Al-Mukminun 23: 1-11

Surah Al-Mukminun is one of my favourite Surah’s for its simplicity. I love, especially the first 11 verses as it is a simple reminder from Allah, or maybe a simple guidance from Allah of the people who will be chosen for Jannah

the successful people

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

1.Certainly will the believers have succeeded

Who are these believers who have success? The answer is given straight away from ayat 2-9 which are the characteristics of these successful people. The brilliant thing about this is that it is a ready made checklist for all Muslim to evaluate whether they are a successful person or not.

2. Those who are khusyu’ in their prayers

3. Those who abstain from doing and saying ill things

4. Those who pay zakat and do so consistently

5. Those who guard their private parts

6. Except with their wives and …

7. But those who search for beyond, they are the ones who are transgressors

8. Those who keep their promises

9. And those who maintain their prayers

Allah repeats here twice, about prayers, so this suggests that it is an extremely important quality of a successful person.

and what is the gift that Allah gives to them? Jannah

10-11. They will inherit Al-Firdaus

So, you are not just a successful person in this life, but Allah will grant you the greatest gift in the hereafter.

Disclaimer: By the way, I translated this myself from the Quran Malay translation, so there will be lots of meaning lost, so if you are reading this, please don’t take the translation as is.

Surah Al-Kahfi: 13/01/2017

Since its Friday today, let’s all remember to read Al-Kahfi today

Sesungguhnya barangsiapa membaca surah Al-Kahfi pada hari Jumaat, nescaya ia akan diterangi oleh cahaya antara dua Jum’at.” (HR Hakim 3349)


I’m a huge advocate for reading Al-Kahfi every friday. if you don’t have time to read anything else during the week, just at least, read Al-Kahfi. If you don’t have time to read the whole surah, at least, read several verses of it. You will see a change in your life, where everything you need to do just becomes easier, smoother and simpler. Your heart will feel free and light and the burden that you may feel on your shoulders becomes a lot lighter.

I think one of the reasons that Al-Kahfi is so special is because it lists down the amazing life of people in the Quran. There’s, the people of the cave,  Nabi Musa a.s. and Nabi Khidir a.s. , Zulkarnain, the people with the kebun and so much more.There’s a lot you can reflect on from these stories, but I will get to that in a bit.

Quote of the Day

Have you ever heard of this saying? A good deed goes a long way. Well, now there is scientific evidence that good deeds are beneficial not only for the receiver but, it is better for the giver. So, a good deed can indeed go a long long way.

A good deed can:

Decrease stress where long term ‘good deed-er’ has less potential to develop hypertension. It also increases life expectancy, improves physical and mental health. Dale Carnegie said that when we perform a good deed, our minds tend to shift from thinking about our own sorrows to focusing on others, and this considerably lessens the mental burden. Doing a good deed make us feel happy and elated. Finally, doing a good deed makes us feel happier at work!


Now this makes me feel like I need to get involved in doing good deeds. Where do I go?