You and Hidden Bodies

At the moment am totally hooked on You. This is my second time reading the book and now, i have a totally new perspective on Beck and seeing a different side of her and how unlikable she can be (In the first round, I think I was a little bit more sympathetic over her plight) . I can see why Joe gets really frustrated with her.  This second read also make me hate Joe even more and  this time around, I am beginning to notice how his mind works and how egomaniac and crazy obsessive he becomes over Beck. Beck truly got entangled with the wrong guy.

After You, how could I not read Hidden Bodies. But, I was somewhat disappointed with this book as I did not like Love or Forty that much either (hated them more than Beck and Peach). They seem to live on a totally different set of rules than normal people (but, hey, being producers, actresses i guess you lead a different life).  But I did not see the twist with Forty coming! The ending also was definitely not what I expected as I thought that Joe would get caught!

Recently  found out that Caroline is writing up book 3 and can’t wait!!  I hope there is more to the other side of the story such as the effort authorities are putting in in order to solve the deaths and to find Joe. I think that would round the whole thing up just nice. Or maybe he just gets away and there is no redemption for his victims. Who knows?


Big Bad Wolf 2019

Yay!!! What I have been waiting for is finally here…Big Bad Wolf 2019 is coming to JB on the 21st of March! Last they came to JB was in 2015 so it’s really been a while. I can’t wait to check out books for Naura and Hannah! Bet there will be lots of good stuff.

Clean up Guru: Marie Kondo

My mum recommended these two books for me by Marie Kondo. she’s has toured the world to teach people how to clean up and declutter their homes. I watched a couple of Marie’s videos and they seem to be very practical and quite innovative methods for cleaning up. One, when you fold clothes, they should be a folded in a way where they can stand up on their own (you have to see the videos to get what I am talking about), and two, when de-cluttering, keep only stuff that sparks joy.

I have been keeping these two things in mind when I am cleaning up my ever messy house. With a one year old, it can be quite difficult to keep everything completely organized.

These two books are now on my wish list. Where can I get them, maybe at Kunokuniya?  I can get them off Kubo but, I’m just not a fan of e-reading and prefer the printed version.

marie kondo 1

marie kondo2

How to Feel Confident by Lewis Lowndes

This is a book I quite enjoy reading, although everytime I pick it up my one year old grabs it and wants to read too-so I’ve only read bits and pieces of it. This is quite a good book for painfully shy people-such as myself. First tip, before leaving the house, warm up, dance in your room, run around the house, get your energy up and say hi! to the first person you meet.This tip I have never heard of before, but I tried it (once) and when your energy is up, you do tend to feel happier and want to socialize a bit more. 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

This is also a brilliant book by Dale Carnegie about enjoying life. It’s kind of a pep talk book which just forces you to live life to the fullest and not drown in your sorrows and worries. I like it so much I’ve read this book twice. Although, I don’t follow the guidelines strictly, every time I read a chapter, I feel a sense of elation, happy to be alive, happy to contribute, happy to have friends. If your mind is stuck in rut, if you always worry about things,  and you need some motivation, this book is for you!