Umar Al-Khattab

Sometimes, I feel Umar is the sahabah i feel close to because he said to be a tall, well built person who always stood out from the crowd. Physically, I am also the same. I am nearly always the tallest person in the group and it is quite rare (although it does happen) that I meet someone taller. Because of my height, I also think that I always stand out from the crowd (sometimes like an ugly duckling).

However, Umar has embraced this ‘feature’ in which he is very strong and athletic. He is powerful such that his enemies cower from him. He is also an extremely ‘tegas’ person and is very very brave. But, he also has a soft heart, is very loyal and  of course is one of Rasulullah saw best friends. He is one of the 10 sahabah that is promised Jannah.

I think I need to embrace my inner Umar and be at least, a little like him. I need to be brave and strong in the face of adversity, and to stand up for what’s right. I need to have a stand about something, not to stay meek and quiet, because that it definitely not what Umar did. I need to be more active and have a strong body, and not sit at my desk all day. well, basically, I need to do a complete physical and personality overhaul, haha.

May 2024