You and Hidden Bodies

At the moment am totally hooked on You. This is my second time reading the book and now, i have a totally new perspective on Beck and seeing a different side of her and how unlikable she can be (In the first round, I think I was a little bit more sympathetic over her plight) . I can see why Joe gets really frustrated with her.  This second read also make me hate Joe even more and  this time around, I am beginning to notice how his mind works and how egomaniac and crazy obsessive he becomes over Beck. Beck truly got entangled with the wrong guy.

After You, how could I not read Hidden Bodies. But, I was somewhat disappointed with this book as I did not like Love or Forty that much either (hated them more than Beck and Peach). They seem to live on a totally different set of rules than normal people (but, hey, being producers, actresses i guess you lead a different life).  But I did not see the twist with Forty coming! The ending also was definitely not what I expected as I thought that Joe would get caught!

Recently  found out that Caroline is writing up book 3 and can’t wait!!  I hope there is more to the other side of the story such as the effort authorities are putting in in order to solve the deaths and to find Joe. I think that would round the whole thing up just nice. Or maybe he just gets away and there is no redemption for his victims. Who knows?


July 2024