Author Profile

Norziha Megat Mohd. Zainuddin was born in Johor Baharu, Malaysia in 1974. She received the B.E. degree in Science Computer (Industrial Computing) in 1997 and Master in Computer Science (Software Engineering) in 2000 from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She received the Ph.D in Computer Science (Visual Informatics) in 2014 form the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

In 1997, she joined College Science and Technology, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, as a Tutor, and in 2000 until 2007 she became a Lecturer. Science 2011 until now she been with the Advanced Informatics School (UTM AIS), where she became a Senior Lecturer in 2015.

Her current research interest area is in Informatics, which focuses on Human Computer Interaction such as Augmented Reality, Usability Testing, Software Development, and Education for Disability, which focuses for hearing impaired or deaf.