Master Students by Coursework

By Coursework

Name of Students Title of Project Main/Co-Supervisor Status
Eithar Mohamed Mahmoud Nasef Factor influencing the behaviour intentions of using MOOCs: An Extension of UTAUT2 Main Supervisor In Progress


Afiqah Zawani Heuristics evaluation in muslimah fashion E-commerce website Main Supervisor In Progress


Nur Izzati Yusof Integration of Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management to Improve Clinic Services Main Supervisor In Progress


Nur Hidayu Md. Noh Sentiment Analysis towards Hotel Reviews Main Supervisor In Progress


Azran Umart Designing a mobile learning application for silat beginners Main Supervisor Graduated (2018)
Chan Meng Shen Aesthetics Model of FROG Virtual Learning Environment (FROG VLE) for Malaysian Primary Schools Main Supervisor Graduated (2017)
Suitha a/p Subramaniam Web Based Cataloging System Main Supervisor Graduated (2017)
Rebecca a/p Santhanasamy Capacity Reporting Automation for Capacity Planning Main Supervisor Graduated (2017)
Nur Raihan Mohd Suhaimi Interface Design for Deaf Mobile Applications Dictionary Main Supervisor Graduated (2016)
Syamsiah Mohamed Dhohari A Framework to Measure the Usage of ICT Among Craft Entrepreneurs Main Supervisor Graduated (2016)
Haemashini Rathakrishnan Effectiveness of the Balance Scorecard in Evaluating IT Performance in Shipping Industry Main Supervisor Graduated (2016)
Negin Sadat Eshta Develop An Online HTML Teaching System For Children Main Supervisor Graduated (2016)
Vimala Pappathi Raju Integrating SMART Board Technology into Classroom practice and engaging special need children Main Supervisor Graduated (2016)
Zeinab Najafi Arab Enhance E-Commerece Risk Managemant Framework Main Supervisor Graduated (2016)
Masliza Mohd Yunus


Internet Security Awareness among Primary School Teachers Main Supervisor Graduated (2015)
Mohamed Zul Hazmi Effectiveness of Current Social Networking Privacy Awareness Campaign Among School Students and Suggestion of Improvement Main Supervisor Graduated (2015)
Abdulrahman Rasheed Saifuddin Connectivity with Pilgrims in Mekah Through a Portal for Hajj Main Supervisor Graduated (2014)
Umi Kalsom Md. Isa User Acceptance of Adopting Micro-blogging Among Student in UTM Main Supervisor Graduated (2014)
Maral Cheperli Health Information Technology Framework and Implementing Health IT Main Supervisor Graduated (2014)
Sahar Ebrahiminejad Virtual Museum Negara on Smartphone Main Supervisor Graduated (2014)
Nadia Parsazadeh Assessment of Success Factor in Information System Development Process Main Supervisor Graduated (2013)
Wandeep Kaur Web 2.0 Tools to Improve Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing for Primary School Co-Supervisor Graduated