Master students

Year Name Thesis Title Status
2019 Nurzaira Syakirah binti Mohd Zaidi On-going
2019 Radin Ummu Hidayah Bt Radin Abd Kadir Time series for automotive stock market price prediction in Malaysia Graduated (2019)
2018 Choong Jing Yee Solving inventory routing problem with carbon emission consideration. Graduated (2018)
2016 Saiyidatul Saadah Binti Ahmad Nizam Augmented Mankiw-Romer-Weil model for the impact of foreign labour on an economic growth. Graduated (2016)
2016 Nurain Noor Binti Rahim Optimizing newspaper delivery route using simulated annealing Graduated (2016)
2015 Muhamad Shafiq Bin Ramlan Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method in selection of medical officer In Puteri Specialist Hospital Graduated (2015)
2015 Nur Athirah Bt Mohd Yusof A hybrid simulated annealing for capacitated vehicle routing problems with the independent route length. Graduated (2015)
Year Name Thesis Title Status