Design and Development of MOOC Development Monitoring System

In UTM, one of the common hiccups that we have during the development of a MOOC is to constantly keeping update on how MOOC development is progressing. Hence, we came up with the idea of developing a system where MOOC developers can check and monitor their MOOC development as well as ensuring the content that they provide in their MOOC is aligned with national Garis Panduan Pembangunan dan Penyampaian MOOC Malaysia (2017).

Here is a presentation where I described the development of the system in Social Learning Conference in Sydney last November 2017. It is due to be published in Jan 2018.  

Nurbiha_DD_MOOC Social Learning Conf 2017

Or you can view them on my isuu:

UTM-MOOC starts offering certificate to selected courses!

UTM-MOOC now starts offering certificate to selected courses such as Telecommunication and Networking, Research Methods in Education, Web-based Multimedia Development and many more. We have tested the system and this is how an example of the certificate of completion looks like for my course; Telecommunication & Networking for a price of AUD $5:

cert MOOC


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Majlis eLearning IPTA @ UniMaP 

Using elearning for teaching and learning has become increasingly important. In Malaysia, eLearning council at higher education level was formed not long ago considering the fact that learning anytime and anywhere has to take place in public universities in Malaysia.

As for today.. I am in Perlis! We have a MEIPTA meeting on 27th May 2016. And Perlis is a beauty of green paddy field. Check out the photo below:

I look forward to the meeting as many important decisions related to UTM-MOOC project will be made.

Expert Consultation Meeting for Quality Assurance in MOOC

Commenwealth of Learning based in Canada invited several experts from the commenwealth countries to consult them about the quality assurance guideline that they prepare for commenwealth countries.


Photography session with all the experts at the MOOC consultation meeting

There are a lot of important points being discussed in the meeting such as how students could evaluate which MOOC has the acceptable quality? Or how government knows that they produce high quality MOOC.

MOOC platform developers such as Open Learning and Future Learn, MOOC instructors from India, Canada and UK are among the experts in the meeting.

And dont forget me, the small lamb. Giving my 2 cents opinion.

Prof Downes in Town!

“Learning…occurs in communities, where the practice of learning is the participation in the community..” (Downes, 2006). 

These are the exact words by Prof Downes; the philospher who theorize about connectivism learning theory along with his friend George Siemens.

And guess what??? I get to meet him in-person! How about that???


             Prof Downes and smiling me!

Connectivism learning theory tells a lot about how the current way of learning has to manifest on the technology that we have today.

And that, learning has to take advantage of technology as the human ‘extension’.