(A) List of Postgraduate Student Phd:Siti NurulAifa Binti Mohd ZainulAbidin, Phd (Mathematics) SEM 1 2019/2020 – ongoing (co supervisor) Master:Sultan Rashid Salim AlKalbani, Master of Science - MixedMode (Mathematics) SEM 1 & 2, … [Continue reading]

Goals of Student Learning

My goals of student learning in the year 2020 for the mathematics subject are1) To motivate students’ interest in learning mathematics and not only take mathematics subjects just for graduation and pass their study.2) To expose students’ knowledge … [Continue reading]

KGI Students: The Most Promising Award

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Anugerah Poster Terbaik

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Anugerah Blended Learning 2019/2020 Sem1

How to get Award of Excellence for Active Blended Learning Course? Must active in elearning A+B+C+D.A = Upload 1 Course Information.B = Upload 7 Resources Item such as Notes, Video, URL and so on.C = Must do 3 Activities such as ForumD = Must do 2 … [Continue reading]

Quiz via ProProfs

This tool is one of the tools used to create questions for students. I created quizzes in this Proprofs using images of equations. At the end of the quizzes, student be able to download their certificate including their percentage marks. This tool is … [Continue reading]

Interactive Video using Edpuzzle

One of the effective active learning techniques that I used in class is Edpuzzle. I created a class then uploaded videos in Edpuzzle and create questions in the video. Students are required to answer the questions without skip the video to make sure … [Continue reading]

Lecture Video using Camtasia

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(a) Journals Diyana Munir, I., Aini Jaafar, N., Md Basir, M. F., Naganthran, K., & Ahmed, S. E. (2023). Solute dispersion of Hershel-Bulkley fluid through an inclined artery. Waves in Random and Complex Media, 1-22. Muhammad, M. H., Abas, … [Continue reading]


tesssttt bio … [Continue reading]