Upload Entry Survey

Go to UTM E-learning:
  1. At course main page, Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > Then select activity – Feedback.
  2. Adding a new Feedback page will appear. Then fill in the Name field for example “DL Entry Survey”, meanwhile the rest are optional > Then Save and return to course.
  3. DL Entry Survey link will appear in the course page. Next, click on the Entry Survey link.
  4. Entry Survey page will appear with several tabs. Go to Templates tab. If we already have a template, then click on Use a template link> Then choose Import questions link.
  5. On the Import questions interface> Tick Append new items> Next, Choose File > Choose the given template *.xml > Then, Upload this file > Back to Import questions page, select Yes button.
  6. Back to Entry Survey page > Select Edit questions tab.
  7. You made it! The entry survey questions are now available. You may edit, add and delete the questions if you want. If not, just proceed as it is.
You also may refer to screen captures below for each step details.
Step 1
Add activity – Feedback
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4 details
Step 5
Step 6







Happy Teaching for 2020/2021 Session!
Any question, you may email me at rashidah@utm.my. Bye.