Conference Proceedings



W. Omar,  R.N.  Mohamed,  Properties  of  Lightweight  Concrete  using  Palm  Oil  Clinker  in Prestressed Concrete Beams, The 7th. International Conference on Concrete Engineering and Technology (CONCET2001), UiTM Shah Alam, 2001.


W. Omar,  R.N.  Mohamed,  Behaviour  of  Pretensioned  Prestressed  Lightweight  Concrete Beams, World Engineering Congress (WEC 2002), Kuching, Sarawak, 2002.


R.N. Mohamed, K.S. Elliott, The Properties of Steel Fibre Self- Compacting Concrete, CEB- FIP Symposium on Concrete Structures, Dubrovnik, Croatia (2007).

R.N. Mohamed,  K.S.  Elliott,  Behaviour  of  Steel  Fibre  Self  Compacting  Concrete  under Biaxial  Loading,  5th.  International  RILEM  Symposium  on  Self-Compacting  Concrete  (SCC 2007), Ghent, Belgium, 2007.


J. Lamide,  R.N.  Mohamed,  Performance  Based  Design  of  Self-  Compacting  Concrete Incorporating  Class-F  Fly  Ash,  The  6th.  International  Conference  of   Asean  Concrete Federation, Korea, 21-24 September, 2014.


S. Mansor, R.N. Mohamed, Shear Behaviour of Permanent Precast Formwork Beams, 9th. Asia   Pacific   Structural  Engineering  &   Concstruction   Conference  (APSEC   2015),  Kuala Lumpur, 2-5 November 2015.


M.I. Khiyon,  M.A.A.  Kadir,  A.R.M.  Sam,  N.  Hasanah,  R.N.  Mohamed,  The  Effects  of Concrete Cover Thicness Subjected to Elevated Temperatures, International Conference in Construction and Building Engineering (ICONBUILD), 2017.

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