Current Project


Project Title: Reduction Of Reinforcement Congestion At Anchorage Zone Of Post-Tensioned Beams Using Steel Fibre Self-Compacting Concrete

Level: National

Type of Grants: UTM ER Grant

Responsibility: Project Leader

Amount: RM30000.00

Duration: Nov 2019 – Nov 2021

Executive Summary:

Post-Tensioning system is widely used for bridge construction, transit viaduct and high rise building in structural engineering. One of the most critical aspects in post tensioned prestressed concrete structures is the anchorage zone failures. Despite research work that have been published, problem during construction and throughout the life of these structures, such as bursting and spalling crack failures in anchorage zones, still occurring. It has been understood that design requirement on the anchorage zones of post-tensioned structures always requires massive numbers of reinforcing bars, thus leading to difficulty of concrete placement. The aim of this study is to overcome the construction problems of anchorage zone failures of post-tensioned structure by applying a high performance fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete. With the use of high performance concrete incorporating an optimum content of steel fibres and fly ash, it is expected that the amount of existing reinforcement could be reduced, result to the smaller size of bearing plate cross section for anchorage zones. Apart from optimizing the optimum mix design of fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete (FRSCC), the structural test will be the load transfer test of prismatic concrete blocks, containing anchorage components and confinement reinforcement embedded in anchorage zones. This test is as recommended by European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG 013). Five different bearing plates with variation amount of bursting and spalling reinforcement will be considered to verify the suitability of high performance FRSCC to partly reduce the congestion of reinforcement in anchorage zone areas. For comparing the experimental results, some analytical work, leading to the development of governing formulations will be carried out. By achieving the advantages of FRSCC, this could improve the anchorage zone performance thus providing better strength and durability of post-tensioned structures in bridge construction.

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