Dr. Mohd Saiful Azimi Mahmud

Industry and Working Experiences

September 2019- Now

Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Job scope: Conduct and manage teaching, research, grants, publications, supervision and administration.

June 2019- August 2019 Research Engineer at Nasuri Mewah Enterprise
Project 1: Development and Validation of Autonomous Mobile Robot for Multi-Tasking Agricultural Operation in Greenhouse Environment
Job Scope: Design the robotic path planning algorithm and motion control system using image processing approach.
Project 2: Implementation and Validation of Climate based Water Saving System for Precision Agriculture
Job Scope: Design the efficient water control system for precision irrigation in greenhouse application.
October 2018 – May 2019 Graduate Research Assistant at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Project 1: Design and Development of Ducting Robot System for Optical Fiber Ducting Inspection
Job Scope: Design the robotic mechanism and control system for the ducting robot in executing the optical fibre duct inspection.
Project 2: Design and Development of Tank Cleaning Robot for Water Reservoir Tank
Job Scope: Design and develop the structure and control system for the tank cleaning robot and provide maintenance after the cleaning operation.
Project 3: IoT Based Climate-Smart Farming Management Control for Water Saving Agriculture
Job Scope: Design the IoT based sensor platform and design the web interface to display the collected data.
June 2014 – September 2014 Trainee at Petronas Gas Berhad
Experience an Industrial training for 3 months in Instrumentation and Control Department. Specialized in analyzing and metering especially related to moisture analyzer, Reid vapor pressure analyzer and gas chromatograph.