Dr. Mohd Saiful Azimi Mahmud


    PhD Student

    Year Name Title Role of Supervision Status
    2024 – Now Catur Hilman Adritya Haryo Bhakti Baskoro Sliding-Mode Control based Mobile Robot Motion Planning and Control System Main Supervisor Ongoing
    2021 – Now Nor Erlia Nasha Samsuria SLAM based Cyber Physical Autonomous Robot Navigation for Smart Manufacturing System Main Supervisor Ongoing
    2023- Now Cao Luo IoT based Paddy Field Cultivation Automation System in China Co-Supervisor Ongoing
    2019 – 2021 Abioye, Abiodun Emmanuel IOT Based Model Predictive Control Algorithm for Precision Irrigation Co- Supervisor Completed
    2019 – 2021 Hameedah Saib Hassan Free Range Routing of Automated Guide Vehicle for Flexible Manufacturing Using Local Positioning System Co-Supervisor Completed
    2019 – 2021 Umar Zangina Implementation of Control Techniques for Differential Drive Mobile Robots: A LoRa Approach in Agriculture Co-Supervisor Completed

    Master Student (by Research)

    Year Name Title Role of Supervision Status
    2024 – Current Muhammad Faris Hilmi Bin Sukar@Yahya Meta-Deep Reinforced Learning based Multi-Robot Motion Planning for Lab-Scaled Flexible Manufacturing System Main Supervisor Ongoing
    2023-Current Vita Susanti GPS Tracking for Autonomous Vehicles based on Android Application Main Supervisor       Ongoing
    2020 – 2023 Ahmad Ridhwan Bin Mohd Kamil Navigation Planning for Mobile Robot in Ducting Environment Co- Supervisor Completed

    Master Student (by Taught Course)

    Year Name Title Role of Supervision Status
    2022-2023 Darren Tan Ming Hao Smart Scheduling Strategy for Autonomous Mobile Robot using Hybrid Optimization Algorithm Main Supervisor Completed
    2022 – 2023 Abdullateef Abba Tijani Design and Development of Optimized Schedule for Autonomous Mobile Robot in Flexible Manufacturing System for Material Handling Main Supervisor Completed