Dr. Mohd Saiful Azimi Mahmud


    B. Eng Student

    Year Name Title Status
    2023 Rayhan Gibrani Uhum Development of an Android based Face Recognition System for Class Attendance Ongoing
    2023 Muhammad Izzuddin Mohamad Nazri Design and Development of Cyber Physical System (CPS) for Dual Robot Navigation in Smart Manufacturing System Ongoing
    2023 Goh Bee Lee Development of a Dual-Robot Motion Planning in Flexible Manufacturing System Ongoing
    2023 Edwin Ooi Yong Qing Design and Development of Dual Robot Formation Control in Lab Scaled Flexible Manufacturing System Ongoing
    2023 Khaled Abdelrazak Dual Robot Coordination and Planning in a Simulated Lab-Scaled Flexible Manufacturing System Completed
    2023 Abdulrahman A. Ludeen Design and Development of an Autonomous Cleaning Robot Completed
    2023 Omar Mohammed Fathi Menisy Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Grass Cutting Robot Completed
    2022 Muhammad Ashiv Hakim Development of a Smart Home Garden for Urban Society Completed
    2022 Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Elkady Design and Development of Machine Learning based Plant Disease Detection System via Mobile Application Completed
    2022 Wong Wei Lee Design and Development of Machine Learning based Traffic Light Detection System for Autonomous Vehicle Completed
    2022 Rifat Rachim Khatami Fasha Real Time Parking Lot Detection using Machine Vision Completed
    2022 Ainul Hakim Fizal Sabillah Rock Melon Disease Identification using Mask R-CNN Completed
    2021 Ahlam Forqan Tomato Plant Disease Detection using Image Processing Completed
    2020 Wong Jun Xuan Design and Development of Autonomous Rubber Tapping Robot for Natural Rubber Harvesting Process Completed
    2020 Muhammad Akmal bin Mohammad Zurusdi IoT-based Parcel Storage System with Notification and Safety Features Completed
    2020 MD Tanvir Ahmed Ratul Development of Agricultural Robot Localization System in Greenhouse Environment Completed
    2019 Oon Hi Yer Electrical Consumption Estimation System using Machine Learning Algorithm Completed