Master students

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Architecture Student: Shuib Yahya
Thesis Title: Development of Structure Infill (SI) for Low Income Housing

Abstract: This research aims to seek for the effective visibility in domestic dwelling layout plan for low-income population in the slump area, i.e Kampung Padu in the city of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Visual interaction has been identified as a spatial element primarily constitutes the global aspect of the dwelling system. Space syntax was used to unlock the hidden value of visibility of the space and put forward the statistical research process. It analyses the relationship between the everyday activity of people and the dwelling system. One hundred respondents have answered the survey questions, which identifies the lifestyle (through their everyday stationary activities such as eating, sleeping, etc). These activities are then compared to the behavioral pattern of the people living in the modern and traditional housing unit samples. The preliminary finding shows that the layout of traditional houses is more integrated in relation to the visual interaction of the dwellers. It is then proposed that the modern contemporary housing concept and layout could be improved by aiming to achieve at least 95% confident level in integrating the visual interaction of the dwellers living in it.