Technical Reports

Syed Mahdzar, S. S. et al. 2015 Memorandum of Accreditation of Architecture (Part Time), Department of Architecture, UTM

Syed Mahdzar, S. S. and Jin, c. p. Development of Historical Culture Tourism Industry through Batik Art to Attract the Local and Tourist. 2014
Syed Mahdzar, S. S. Ecotourism Activities at Sg Melayu, Iskandar Malaysia (UTM) Research Centre. 2011.

Syed Mahdzar, S. S. 2010 Space Syntax Analysis on the affect of movement to the Pahlawan Mall and Heritage site of Bandar Hilir. A collaboration research with Universiti Putra Malaysia.2009

Syed Mahdzar, S. S. The Impact of New Commercial Development on Melaka Heritage Site, Bandar Hilir, Melaka

Syed Mahdzar, S. S. Ledang New Administrative Centre: A Study on Malay Architecture for Ledang New Administrative Centre, Ledang, Johor. Iskandar Malaysia (UTM) Research Centre. 2009.

Syed Mahdzar, S. S. Sociability vs Accessibility: Urban Street Life. PhD Thesis, University College London, 2008. London, UK

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