Research Method


This course introduces the process of formulating appropriate research methodology before applying it as an activity of critical inquiry in the field of interest. The inquiry on the specific topic to be explored is done through direct observation, content analysis study or by identifying issues and problems from primary or secondary sources. Eventually, students are to write up the architectural topic of analysis as a final report using the necessary skills they gained throughout the course.


Each student shall be under the supervision of an individual supervisor who is either an expert on the subject or has adequate interest and association with it as approved by the department.  Each student is to undertake an independent, supervised study through content analysis or a limited field observation pertaining to the specific topic of interest, and to present the findings in a final written report (10,000 – 12,000 words or about 50 pages).


2.1 Able to construct critical arguments in academic architectural writing.

2.2 Able to organize, plan and execute systematic research activity appropriate to architectural research.

2.3 Able to design and apply methodology, modus operandi and operational technique for the deliberating the topic in the architecture discipline.

2.4 Able to organize methodology selected for deliberating the topic for architecture discipline rigorously.