This program is conducted base on several meeting to organize a project that inculcates alternative self-learning and generic skill in the related field of architecture that involve community spirit.  It acts as an event management, be it for conference, seminar, competition, etc.  The programs may include students exchange with other universities, academic visit, service learning, event management, and expedition. Basic requirements such as managing the transportation, accommodation, food, tools and equipment, safety and documentation are all organized by the students registered. The team working, attitude, leadership, and entrepreneurship will be the criteria for assessment.



1. Meeting and discussion (management planning)
2. Practical & field
3. Lecture input & Tutorials
4. Documentation



2.1 Able to document activities and discuss architectural design knowledge found in the community and profession locally and internationally (po1).

2.2 Able to convey ideas and express rationale clearly in verbal and graphic to given audience in report writing form.

2.3 Able to interact and collaborate with team members and or community.

2.4 Able to have the ability to initiate , lead motivate and coordinate a team towards goal and achievement in society.



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A.S.Ahmad (2009). Ancient Monument Expedition, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Un-published expedition report.
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A.S.Ahmad (2004). Seribuat Archipalego Island Hopping Expedition.
Un-published expedition report.
A.S.Ahmad (2002). Kenyer Lake Expedition. Un-published expedition report.

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