Research Activities

 1Alarming System for Peat Burning ProblemProject LeaderUTMPRGS – ICCRM 2000012/202011/2021Q.J130000.4451.4J482
 2Settlement Behaviour of Soft Soil Reinforced By Soil Cement Columns Formed By The Deep Mixing MethodProject LeaderUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 3500005/201204/2013Q.J130000.2622.05J73
 3Developing Laboratory Equipment For Determining The Shear Wave Velocity of SandProject LeaderUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 3500012/201212/2013Q.J130000.2622.06J95
 4Development of Kenaf Geotextile for Ground ImprovementProject LeaderUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 500007/20166/2018Q.J130000.2522.14H33
 5Consolidation Behavior Of Soft Ground Treated With A Group Of Bottom Ash Columns Project LeaderUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 500002/20181/2020Q.J130000.2522.19H75.
 6Preliminary Assessment of Seasonal Effects On Water Uptake Near TreesProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 350005/20124/2013Q.J130000.2622.05J85.
 7The Mechanical And Hydrological Effect of Vegetation On Slope StabilizationProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 2900012/201212/2013Q.J130000.2622.07J00
 8The use of recycled glass in soft cohesive soil for unit shaft resistance improvementProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 350004/20143/2015Q.J130000.2522.06H52
 9The dynamic role of root water uptake in coupling to shear strength behavior on slope stabilityProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 2)RM 200007/20146/2013Q.J130000.2522.09H40
10 Axially Loaded Bored Piles In Problematic Karstic Limestones AreasProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 486505/201510/2016Q.J130000.2522.10H03
 11Water flow and suction distribution improvement in a layered residual soilProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 5000011/201511/2017Q.J130000.2522.11H04.
 12The decomposition effect on tropical fibrous peat compressibility using pulverised peat fuel ashProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 4993011/20155/2017Q.J130000.2522.12H59
 13Development of forepoling design for tunnel constructionProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 4000010/20169/2018Q.J130000.2522.15H35
 14Assessment of soil fabric and partial saturation effect on compressibility behaviour of compacted tropical residual soilProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 500007/20166/2018Q.J130000.2522.14H29
 15Static And Cyclic Properties Of Soft Clay Stabilised With Coal Ash And CementProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 500002/20181/2020Q.J130000.2522.19H57
 16Development of seismic fragility curve and optimal retrofit strategies for RC buildings in Sabah, MalaysiaProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 495002/20181/2020Q.J130000.2522.19H36
 17Sustainable Utilisation of Coal Ash For Quality Pavement MaterialProject MemberUTMOthersRM 4000012/201911/2021R.J130000.7351.4B596
 18Soil-Lime Stabilisation For Low Volume RoadProject MemberUTMGUP (TIER 1)RM 487502/20181/2020Q.J130000.2522.20H12
 193-Dimensional characterization of slope failure mechanism due to climate changeProject MemberUTMUTM Fundamental ResearchRM 700001/20206/2023Q.J13000.2516.20H90
 20Alternative of Ground Improvement Solution on Marine Clay with Polyurethane GroutProject MemberUTmappingM Encouragement ResearchUTMERRM 3000011/20194/2022Q.J130000.2651.18J00
 21Jack Forces Mechanisms In Soft Ground Tunnel LiningProject MemberUTM Encouragement ResearchUTMERRM 3000011/20194/2022Q.J130000.2651.17J59
 22Underground Utility Surveying And Mapping For UTM CampusProject MemberUTM Translational Research GrantUTM-TRG 2.4RM 186833.78/20187/2019R.J130000.7352.4J341
 23Bio-Mediated Soil Improvement In The Mitigation Of Liquefiable Sandy SoilProject MemberHigh Impact Research GrantHIR 7.4RM 750004/20183/2021Q.J130000.2451.04G57
 24Evaluating and monitoring the effects of climate changes on landslide hazard zonation using Artificial Neural Network and real-time monitoring systemProject LeaderHigh Impact Research GrantHIR 7.4RM 1200001/202012/2022Q.J130000.2451.09G23
 25Development of Subsurface Tropical Geoengineering Database for Iskandar MalaysiaProject MemberCOE Research GrantCOE GrantRM 500002/20181/2020Q.J130000.2409.04G15
 26Automatic Wireless Accelerometer Monitoring (AWAM) systemProject LeaderPrototype Development FundPRGS – ICCRM 200005/20184/2019R.J130000.7751.4J342
27 Distributed Optical Fibre Sensing Monitoring System Of Pile On Rainfall Induced SlopeProject MemberUTM Prototype ResearchUTM PRRM 720001/20206/2022Q.J130000.2851.00L61
 283D analysis on failure behaviour of Deep Mixing MethodProject LeaderNew Academic StaffNASRM 200004/20123/2013R.J130000.7722.4P045
 29Crack Detection On Retaining Wall By Using Thermal Camera And Image Processing TechniqueProject LeaderIndustry International Incentive GrantIIGRM 200009/20198/2020Q.J130000.3051.01M64
 30Dapplication of Infrared Thermography (Irt) In Rock Slope Monitoring and SurveillanceProject MemberIndustry International Incentive GrantIIGRM 200009/20198/2021Q.J1300003052.01M78
 31Correlation Between Radon/Thoron Concentration With Commercially Available Used Building Materials Project MemberUTMSHINE-Signature GrantSGSHINE 3RM 1600004/20199/2021Q.J130000.2417.07G82
 32In-Situ Measurement Of Radon (222rn) And Thoron (220rn) Concentrations In Soil Gas, Water, And AirProject MemberUTMSHINE-Signature GrantSGSHINE 3.1RM 900004/20199/2021Q.J130000.2417.07G90
 33Predicting Terrestrial Gamma Dose Rate Based On Geological and Soil InformationProject LeaderUTMSHINE-Signature GrantSGSHINE 3.2RM 400004/20193/2021Q.J130000.2451.07G85
 34Environmental Friendly Anti-Radon Building Materials For Mitigating Indoor Radon ConcentrationProject MemberUTMSHINE-Signature GrantSGSHINE 3.3RM 300004/20199/2021Q.J130000.2451.07G91
 35The influence of plant diversity on slope stabilityProject LeaderUTMSHINEUTM SHINERM 5000011/20171/2020Q.J130000.2422.03G76
 36Characteristics of Lateritic Soil Treated with Lime under Cyclic Wetting and Drying ConditionsProject LeaderCollaborative Research GrantCRG 24.0RM 10000011/201910/2021Q.J130000.2451.08G90
 37Shear strength Behavior of Lateritic Soil Treated with Lime under Cyclic Wetting and Drying ConditionsProject LeaderCollaborative Research GrantCRG 24.1RM 4000011/201910/2021Q.J130000.2451.09G13
 38Compressability Characteristic of Lateritic Soil Treated With Lime Under Cyclic Wetting and Drying ConditionProject MemberCollaborative Research GrantCRG 24.3RM 2000011/201910/2021R.J130000.7351.4B505
 39Determination Of Permeability And Soil Water Characteristic Curve (SWCC) Of Lateritic Soil Treated With Lime Under Cyclic Wetting And DryingProject MemberCollaborative Research GrantCRG 24.02RM 2000011/201910/2021R.J130000.7351.4B509
 40Microstructural Characteristic Of Lateritic Soil Treated With Lime Under Cyclic Wetting And Drying Condition Project MemberCollaborative Research GrantCRG 24.4RM 2000011/201910/2021R.J130000.7351.4B496
 41Developing Geotechnical Computer Software for Slope Stability Analysis Based on Limit Equilibrium MethodProject LeaderProfessional Development Research UniversityPDRURM 710007/20126/2013Q.J130000.21A2.00E66
 42Analysis of Strength Development in Non-Traditional Additives-Stabilized Malaysian Soils from Macro- and Micro- Structural ConsiderationsProject LeaderProfessional Development Research UniversityPDRURM 6500010/20139/2014Q.J130000.21A2.02E00
 43Developing Peat Fire Suppression Technology SolutionProject LeaderProfessional Development Research UniversityPDRURM 1384607/20206/2021Q.J130000.21A2.05E16
 44Landslide assessment in Korea and Malaysia region with climate changeProject MemberMATCHING GRANTGUPRM 6000010/20169/2018Q.J130000.3009.00M97
 45The Effect of Catalyst on Soil Stabilisation by Application of LimeProject LeaderFundamental Research Grant SchemeFRGSRM 2850002/20079/200778104
 46Relationship between shear wave velocity and compressibility indices of cohesive soil using Constant Rate Strain equipped with bender element devicesProject LeaderFundamental Research Grant SchemeFRGSRM 8652612/201411/2016R.J130000.7822.4F658
 47Relationship of Tack Coat Application Factors In Assessing The Bonding Characteristics For Asphalt Pavement Surfacing LayersProject MemberFundamental Research Grant SchemeFRGSRM 723004/20133/2015R.J130000.7822.4F201
 48Effect of temperature variations and bacteria concentrations on the microbially induced calcite precipitation in residual soilsProject MemberFundamental Research Grant SchemeFRGSRM 9400012/201411/2016R.J130000.7813.4F628
 49The Effect of Soil Moisture Content on Shear Strength Behaviour for Rainfall Induced Landslides PredictionProject MemberFundamental Research Grant SchemeFRGSRM 940008/20167/2018R.J130000.7822.4F853
 50Engineering and Microstructural Characteristics of Lateritic Soil Treated with Ordinary Portland Cement Undercyclic Saturated (Wetting) and Unsaturated (Drying) ConditionsProject LeaderFundamental Research Grant SchemeFRGSRM 112,0009/20198/2021R.J130000.7851.5F131
 51Assessment of Disturbance Impact of Hydraulic Jack In Pile Penetration in Clay Using Transparent Soil and Particle Image VelocimetryProject LeaderExploratory Research Grant SchemeERGSRM 1215006/20135/2015R.J130000.7822.4L097
 52Patterns of Soil Moisture Profile Due To Tree Induced Suction and Relict Structure On SlopeProject MemberExploratory Research Grant SchemeERGSRM 500006/20125/2014R.J130000.7822.4L065
 53Determination of Failure Mechanism For Uplift Capacity In Sand Using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)  Project MemberExploratory Research Grant SchemeERGSRM 1136006/20135/2015R.J130000.7822.4L130
 54Development of Testing to Establish the Relationship Between Undrained Shear Strength and Consolidation Ratio (CR) of SoilProject LeaderPrototype Research Grant SchemePRGSRM  600008/20137/2015R.J130000.7822.4L620
 55Early warning and Real-Time Monitoring System of Landslide using Distributed Optical Fibre Strain SensingProject MemberPrototype Research Grant SchemePRGSRM  12020020162018
 56Site Application Of Slope Monitoring System Using Automatic WirelessAccelerometer Monitoring (Awam) SystemProject LeaderPrototype Research Grant SchemePRGSRM 1070008/20197/2021R.J130000.7851.4L701
 57Aftermath Of Flood Disaster: Sediment Fingerprinting Study In Upper Sg Kelantan BasinProject MemberTrans Disciplinary Research Grant SchemeTRGSRM 1091204/201512/2015R.J130000.7809.4L826
 58Development of a preliminary design chart for practical use for the deep mixing methodProject LeaderResearch Grant Awarded By Ministry Of Science Technology And Innovation (Mosti)Science fundRM 14600010/201212/2014R.J130000.7922.4S051
 59Development of Slope Monitoring System by Automatic Wireless Accelerometer Monitoring SystemProject LeaderResearch Grant Awarded By Ministry Of Science Technology And Innovation (Mosti)Science fundRM 33344010/20159/2017R.J130000.7922.4S124
 60Biomediated Soil ImprovementProject MemberResearch Grant Awarded By Ministry Of Science Technology And Innovation (Mosti)Science fundRM 19590011/20124/2015R.J130000.7913.4S053
 61Application of Shallow Foundation For Construction In Industrialized Building SystemProject MemberResearch Grant Awarded By Ministry Of Science Technology And Innovation (Mosti)Science fundRM 1785008/20138/2015R.J130000.7922.4S077
 62Reliability of tensile strength obtained from diametrical compression test on rockProject MemberResearch Grant Awarded By Kagoshima College, National Institute Of TechnologyNetworking GrantRM 2000010/20159/2016S.J130000.7622.4X126
 63Real Time Monitoring of Geo-Disaster due to Climate ChangeProject MemberResearch Grant Awarded By Yonsei UniversityNetworking GrantRM 600006/20165/2017R.J130000.7309.4B233
 64Kajian Kesesuaian Lokasi Baru Pemancar Sispelsat Jabatan Laut MalaysiaProject MemberContract Research DTDContract ResearchRM 481402/20183/2018R.J130000.7627.4C171
 65Rock Slope Monitoring And Surveillance Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) And Global Positioning Systems (GPS)Project LeaderContract Research DTDContract ResearchRM 176841.23/20193/2020R.J130000.7651.4C253
 66Development of a comprehensive model for rock slope monitoring using infra-red thermal remote sensing on UAV platformProject MemberContract Research DTDContract ResearchRM 176841.23/20193/2020R.J130000.7652.4C255

Total Grant Received (Project Leader) = RM 1934267.20 (24 Projects)
Total Grant Received (Project Member) = RM 2924264.90 (42 Projects)
Total Grant Received (Project Leader & Project Member) = RM 4858532.10 (66 Projects)

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