Master students

MSc. Student

Year No. Name Status Title Type Roles of Supervision
2012 1 Elly Norissya Mohd Said Graduated 3D Analysis on Failure Behaviour of Deep Mixing Method – Partially Penetrated Columns Taught Course Main Supervisor
2012 2 Nursabrina Tomiran Graduated 3D Analysis on Failure Behaviour of Deep Mixing Method – Fully Penetrated Columns Taught Course Main Supervisor
3 Koohyar Faizi Graduated Evaluation Failure Mechanism of Concrete Pile Using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) in Reinforced Sand Based on Pullout Test Taught Course Co-Supervisor
4 Goh Li Lian Graduated Lateritic Soil Stabilization By Using Roadpacker Plus Taught Course Main Supervisor
2012-2015 5 Aliff Ridzuan bin Bunawan Graduated Development of Preliminary Design Charts for Deep Mixing (DM) Research Main Supervisor
2012-2015 6 Lim Jee Wen Graduated Development of Testing Equipment to Establish the Relationship between Undrained Shear Strength and Consolidation Ratio (CR) of Soil Research Main Supervisor
2012-2016 7 Julia Tay Jia Min Graduated Correlation between Geotechnical Properties of Sand with Shear Wave Velocity Research Main Supervisor
2013-2017 8 Syarifah Nur Atiqah Binti Syed Ahmad Graduated Failure Mechanism of Cohesive and Cohesionless Soils Due to Shallow Foundation Eccentricity Research Main Supervisor
2014 9 Ali Kamil Mohsin Graduated Relationship Between Undrianed Shear Strength and Consolidation Ratio (CR) For Cohesive Soil Taught Course Main Supervisor
10 Nazaneen Ahmad Nasroulla Graduated Relationship Between Cone Penetration Test and Undrained Shear Strength of Soil Taught Course Main Supervisor
11 Mohammad Gharehzadeh Shirazi Graduated Effect of the Combination of Chimney Drain and Cut-off Wall System on Seepage, Uplift Pressure and Exit Hydraulic Gradient Values in Earth Dam with Numerical Simulation Taught Course Main Supervisor
12 Noorsubha Binti Hussin Graduated Determination of Failure Zone of Vane Shear Test Using Artificial Transparent Soil Taught Course Main Supervisor
13 Raja Shahrom Nizam Shah Bin Raja Shoib Graduated Rock Shaft Resistance of Bored Piles Socketed Into Decomposed Malaysian Granite Taught Course Main Supervisor
14 Siti Saimah Binti Abdul Rahman Graduated Performance of Bearing Capacity For Eco-Friendly Raft Pile Foundation System (Erp System) In Soft Soil Taught Course Main Supervisor
15 Wan Hasmida Binti Wan Hassan Graduated Soils Stabilization Using Non-Traditional Additives Taught Course Main Supervisor
2015 16 Krekar Saber Braim Graduated Settlement of Strip Footing on Sandy Soil Due To Eccentricity Taught Course Main Supervisor
17 Nabeel Katfan Lwti Graduated Assessment of Disturbance Impact of Hydraulic Jack in Pile Penetration in Clay Using Transparent Soil and Partical Image Velocimetry Taught Course Main Supervisor
18 Lee Khai Lin Graduated The Effectiveness of Proposed Slope Rehabilitation Methods on the Slope Stability in Jalan Damansara Taught Course Main Supervisor
19 Norlizawati Binti Hassan Graduated Microstructural Characteristics of Peat Soils Treated with (SH-85) Polymer Base Stabilizer Taught Course Main Supervisor
20 Mohd Azrul Hisham bin Mahin Graduated Development of Slope Monitoring Device using Accelerometer Taught Course Main Supervisor
21 Muhammad Irfan Bin Shahrin Graduated Development of Sustainable Brick from Mud Floods Taught Course Main Supervisor
22 Nurul Ain Binti Ibrahim Graduated Effects of Gypsum On The Strength Characteristics and Compressibility of Organic Soil Taught Course Main Supervisor
23 Nur Ain Binti Mustapa Graduated Study on the Possibility at Mud Floods as a Suitable Material for Subgrade Taught Course Main Supervisor
2015-2017 24 Mohammad Golan Kader Mahmud Graduated Evaluation of Nanoclay Modified Bitumen Binder and their Engineering Properties Research Co-Supervisor
2017 25 Muhammad Fateh bin Mior Ahmad Ridzuan (2017 – present)


Cracks Determination Due To Soil Movement and Vibration on The Water Treatment Plant Stucture of Sultan Ibrahim Reservoir Research Main Supervisor
2018 26 Mazlan Harun Graduated Stability Analysis For Slope Rehabilitation Works At

Km424.80 South Bound, North South Expressway

Taught Course Main Supervisor
27 Remington Rajiv Richard Hendricks Graduated A Parametric Study Of Dynamic Formula

With Pda Field Testing Results

Taught Course Main Supervisor
28 Afiqah Ismail Graduated Evaluation Of Cracks On Retaining Wall By Using Thermal Camera

And Image Processing Technique

Taught Course Main Supervisor
29 Ammar Yaser Soud Kreishan Graduated The Influence Of Geological And Groundwater Conditions On The

Piles Driving Effects Induced Against Nearby Buildings

Taught Course Main Supervisor
2019 30 Nur Dalilah Othman (2019 – present) On-going Terrestrial radon survey on active fault line in Peninsular Malaysia based on geophysical soil structure Research Main Supervisor
31 Isaac Chia Pooi Sian Graduated Correlations Between Standard Penetration Test N Value And

Pressuremeter Modulus For Kallang And Old Alluvium Formation

Taught Course Main Supervisor
32 Abdulrahman Zahid Abdulkarem (2019 – present) On-going The Effectiveness Of Using Different Area Replacement Ratio On The Performance

Of Soft Soil Treated By Bottom Ash Columns Using Plaxis 3d

Taught Course Main Supervisor
33 Norshakila Abdul Wahab (2019 – present) On-going Consolidation Characteristics of Treated Lateritic Soil  under Cyclic Saturated  (Wetting) and Unsaturated (Drying) Conditions Research Main Supervisor


34 Nurin Hannah Ahmad Rizal (2020– present) On-going Shear Strength Behaviour of Lateritic Soil Treated With Lime Under Cycliv Wetting and Drying Conditions Research Co-Supervisor
35 Siti Marissa Abd Rahim (2020– present) On-going Evaluating and Monitoring the Effect of Climate Change on Landslide Hazard Zonation Using Artificial Neural Network Research Main Supervisor