1Methodology for Rock Slope Monitoring Using Drone Based Multispectral and Thermal ImagesApproved2020
 2Framework for Geophysics Investigations on Power Plant siteApproved2019
 3Framework for soil settlement investigations on Power Plant siteApproved2019
 4SKAB Curriculum for bachelors degree of Civil Engineering UTMApproved2019
 5Master of Engineering Civil-Geotechnics Programme HandbookApproved2019
 6Sistem Pemantauan Gegaran Logi Rawatan Air Gunung Pulai Dams -Source CodeApproved2018
 7Module On 2018 International Short Course On Earthquake Source And HazardApproved2018
 8Laporan Teknikal Program Pemantauan Cerun Dan Pemasangan Peralatan Pemantauan Gegaran Di Loji Rawatan Air Gunung PulaiApproved2018
 9Field Study Report And Standard Operating Procedures Manual For Early Warning System At Hutan Lipur Gunung Pulai 1Approved2017
 10Teaching and Learning Module on asphalt modification for Student and PractitionerApproved2016
 11Abstract book 10th International Geotechnical and Transportation Research ConferenceApproved2016

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