PhD students

YearNo.NameStatusTitleRoles of Supervision
2010-20141Ali ArefniaGraduatedPerformance of Kaolin-Tire Derived AggregateCo-Supervisor
2012-20152.Mehdi RaftariGraduatedSettlement Behavior of Cement Stabilized Column Using Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation TestCo-Supervisor
2012-20153Chang Fung LungGraduatedInvestigation of Pavement Interface Bond Strength of Malaysian Pavement Surfacing CourseCo-Supervisor
2013-20164Razieh Moradi GraduatedPhysical And Numerical Modelling Of Bottom Ash Columns Installed In Soft ClayCo-Supervisor
2014-20165Abideen Adekunle Ganiyu Graduated (2016)The influence of CrossSectional Geometry of Axially loaded PileMain supervisor
          2014  6Zaihasra binti Abu TalibGraduated (2019)3D Analysis on Suction Distribution Behaviour in Heteregeneous Residual Soil Under Different Rainfall InfiltrationCo-Supervisor
7Khairun Nissa binti Mat SaidGraduated (2019)Settlement Behaviour of Floating soil cement column by deep mixing methodMain supervisor
            20158Mohammad Gharehzadeh ShiraziGraduated (2019)Behavior of Kenaf Geotextile for Ground ImprovementMain supervisor
9Wan Hasmida Binti Wan Hassan(2015 – present) On-goingRelationship Between Shear Wave Velocity And Compressibility Indices Ofstabilized Soil Using Constant Rate Strain Devices Equipped With Bender ElementMain supervisor
10Aliff Ridzuan bin Bunawan(2015 – present) On-goingDevelopment of Slope Monitoring Device Using AccelerometerMain supervisor
11Tee Bun Pin(2015 – present) On-goingInstrumented Bored Pile with Distributed Fibre Optic Sensor (BOTDA) In Problematic Karstic Limestones AreasCo-Supervisor
12Dayangku Salma Binti Awang IsmailGraduated (2020)Early detection of Rainfall-induced Landslides using Distributed Optical Fibre Strain SensorCo-Supervisor
201613Azhani Binti ZukriGraduated (2019)Soft Clay Stabilization Using Light Weight Aggregate Raft And Column MatricesCo-Supervisor
              2017          14Mohamad Hafeezi Abdullah(2017 – present) On-goingConsolidation Behavior of Soft Ground Treated with a Group of Bottom Ash ColumnsMain supervisor
15Raja Shahrom Nizam Shah bin Raja Shoib(2017 – present) On-goingRock Shaft Resistance of Bored Pile Socketed into Tropical Malaysia RockMain supervisor
16Suahaimi Bin Matusin (2017 – present) On-goingSettlement of Stabilized Soft Soil Foundation Using Stone Column Incorporating Treated Bottom AshMain supervisor
17Almando Bil Abbil(2017 – present) On-goingBearing Capacity of Stabilized Soft Soil Foundation Using Stone Column Incorporating Treated Bottom AshCo-Supervisor
18Rasha Abuelgasim Abdelrhman Osman(2017 – present) On-goingPerformance of Floating Bottom Ash Columns Installed In Soft Clay.Main supervisor
19Hasrul Ibrahim(2018 – present) On-goingThe influence of plant diversity on slope stabilityMain supervisor
  201820Nurihan Binti Mohd Faudzi(2019 – present) On-goingEvaluation Of Maintained Load Test (MLT) And Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) In Measuring Bearing Capacity Of Bored PilesMain supervisor
                201921Wardatun Ahmar Abdul Manan(2019 – present) On-goingLandslide Susceptibility Map Assessment Base on Climatological Changes Using Geographic Information SystemsMain supervisor
22Afiqah Ismail(2019 – present) On-goingDevelopment of Comprehensive Model for Rock Slope Monitoring using Thermal Remote Sensing on UAV PlatformMain supervisor
23Mohammad Jawed Roshan(2019 – present) On-goingEngineering and Microstructural Characteristics of Lateritic Soil Treated with Ordinary Portland Cement Undercyclic Saturated (Wetting) and Unsaturated (Drying) ConditionsMain supervisor  
          202024Mohamed Khatif Tawar Mohamed Yusof(2020 – present) On-goingEvaluating and Monitoring the Effects Of Climate Changes On Landslide Hazard Zonation Area Using Artificial Neural Network And Real-Time Monitoring System.Main supervisor
25Nor Azizah Che Azmi(2020 – present) On-goingDevelopment Of Real-Time Monitoring System For Peat Burning ProblemMain supervisor