PhD students

PhD Student

Year No. Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
2010-2014 1 Ali Arefnia Graduated Performance of Kaolin-Tire Derived Aggregate Co-Supervisor
2012-2015 2. Mehdi Raftari Graduated Settlement Behavior of Cement Stabilized Column Using Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test Co-Supervisor
2012-2015 3 Chang Fung Lung Graduated Investigation of Pavement Interface Bond Strength of Malaysian Pavement Surfacing Course Co-Supervisor
2013-2016 4 Razieh Moradi Graduated Physical And Numerical Modelling Of Bottom Ash Columns Installed In Soft Clay Co-Supervisor
2014-2016 5 Abideen Adekunle Ganiyu Graduated (2016) The influence of CrossSectional Geometry of Axially loaded Pile Main supervisor







6 Zaihasra binti Abu Talib (2014 – present)


3D Analysis on Suction Distribution Behaviour in Heteregeneous Residual Soil Under Different Rainfall Infiltration Co-Supervisor
7 Khairun Nissa binti Mat Said Graduated (2019) Settlement Behaviour of Floating soil cement column by deep mixing method Main supervisor







8 Mohammad Gharehzadeh Shirazi Graduated (2019) Behavior of Kenaf Geotextile for Ground Improvement Main supervisor
9 Wan Hasmida Binti Wan Hassan (2015 – present)


Relationship Between Shear Wave Velocity And Compressibility Indices Ofstabilized Soil Using Constant Rate Strain Devices Equipped With Bender Element Main supervisor
10 Aliff Ridzuan bin Bunawan (2015 – present)


Development of Slope Monitoring Device Using Accelerometer Main supervisor
11 Tee Bun Pin (2015 – present)


Instrumented Bored Pile with Distributed Fibre Optic Sensor (BOTDA) In Problematic Karstic Limestones Areas Co-Supervisor
12 Dayangku Salma Binti Awang Ismail (2015 – present)


Early detection of Rainfall-induced Landslides using Distributed Optical Fibre Strain Sensor Co-Supervisor
2016 13 Azhani Binti Zukri (2015 – present)


Soft Clay Stabilization Using Light Weight Aggregate Raft And Column Matrices Co-Supervisor













14 Mohamad Hafeezi Abdullah (2017 – present)


Consolidation Behavior of Soft Ground Treated with a Group of Bottom Ash Columns Main supervisor
15 Raja Shahrom Nizam Shah bin Raja Shoib (2017 – present)


Rock Shaft Resistance of Bored Pile Socketed into Tropical Malaysia Rock Main supervisor
16 Suahaimi Bin Matusin (2017 – present)


Settlement of Stabilized Soft Soil Foundation Using Stone Column Incorporating Treated Bottom Ash Main supervisor
17 Almando Bil Abbil (2017 – present)


Bearing Capacity of Stabilized Soft Soil Foundation Using Stone Column Incorporating Treated Bottom Ash Co-Supervisor
18 Rasha Abuelgasim Abdelrhman Osman (2017 – present) On-going Performance Of Floating Bottom Ash Columns Installed In Soft Clay. Main supervisor
19 Hasrul Ibrahim (2018 – present) On-going The influence of plant diversity on slope stability Main supervisor


20 Nurihan Binti Mohd Faudzi (2019 – present) On-going Evaluation Of Maintained Load Test (MLT) And Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) In Measuring Bearing Capacity Of Bored Piles Main supervisor









21 Wardatun Ahmar Abdul Manan (2019 – present) On-going Landslide Susceptibility Map Assessment Base on Climatological Changes Using Geographic Information Systems Main supervisor
22 Afiqah Ismail (2019 – present) On-going Development of Comprehensive Model for Rock Slope Monitoring using Thermal Remote Sensing on UAV Platform Main supervisor
23 Mohammad Jawed Roshan (2019 – present) On-going Engineering and Microstructural Characteristics of Lateritic Soil Treated with Ordinary Portland Cement Undercyclic Saturated (Wetting) and Unsaturated (Drying) Conditions Main supervisor


2020 24 Mohamed Khatif Tawar Mohamed Yusof (2020 – present) On-going Evaluating and Monitoring The Effects Of Climate Changes On Landslide Hazard Zonation Area Using Artificial Neural Network And Real-Time Monitoring System. Main supervisor
25 Nor Azizah Che Azmi (2020 – present) On-going Development Of Real-Time Monitoring System For Peat Burning Problem Main supervisor