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NOARTICLE TITLEJOURNAL TITLEVolIssuesPagePublication yearIFType of PublicationCategory of PublicationQuartile RankingCategory Author
 Ground Improvement and its Role in Carbon Dioxide Reduction: A ReviewEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research   20213.056ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Corresponding Author
 Fly ash based geopolymer stabilization of silty clay/blast furnace slag blends for subgrade applications.Road Materials and Pavement Design222357-37120212.199ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Enhancing The Bearing Capacity of Rigid Footing Using Limited Life Kenaf Geotextile ReinforcementJournal of Natural Fibers   20202.622ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Corresponding Author
 Sustainable Bearing Capacity Improvement Using Natural Limit Life Geotextile Reinforcement – A ReviewMinerals10547920202.250ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Prediction of ultimate bearing capacity through various novel evolutionary and neural network modelsEngineering with computers362671-68720203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 On the Use of Neuro-Swarm System to Forecast the Pile SettlementApplied Science106190420202.217ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Solidification and stabilization of metal plating sludge with fly as geopolymersEnvironmental Geotechnics   20201.147ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Co-Author
 Cement stabilisation of recycled concrete aggregate modified with polyvinyl alcoholInternational Journal of Pavement Engineering   20202.298ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
  A novel Harris hawks’ optimization and k-fold cross-validation predicting slope stability.Engineering with computers   20203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Novel metaheuristic classification approach in developing mathematical model-based solutions predicting failure in shallow footing.Engineering with computers   20203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Feasibility of a novel predictive technique based on artificial neural network optimized with particle swarm optimization estimating pullout bearing capacity of helical pilesEngineering with computers3641315-132420203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Environmental assessment of cement stabilized marginal lateritic soil/melamine debris blends for pavement applicationsEnvironmental Geotechnics   20201.14ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Co-Author
 Comparison of dragonfly algorithm and Harris hawks optimization evolutionary data mining techniques for the assessment of bearing capacity of footings over two-layer foundation soilsEngineering with computers   20203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Optimizing ANN models with PSO for predicting short building seismic responseEngineering with computers   20203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Sustainable use of stabilized flood mud as subgrade soil for low volume traffic roadsSciantia Iranica   20200.47ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Corresponding Author
 Developing a predictive method based on optimized M5Rules-GA predicting heating load of an energy-efficient building systemEngineering with Computers   20203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Application of PSO-ANN modelling for predicting the energetic performance of a building integrated photovoltaic/thermal systemEngineering with Computers362633-64620203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Evolution On Deformation Behaviour Of Brazilian Test Under Different Contact Area Using Particle Image Velocimetry And Finite Element Modelling.Measurement159107796 20202.791ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Laboratory Investigation of Cement Stabilized Marginal Lateritic Soil by Crushed Slag/Fly Ash Replacement for Pavement ApplicationsJournal of Material in Civil Engineering   20201.984ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Optimizing and ANN model with genetic algorithm (GA) predicting load-settlement behaviours of eco-friendly raft pile foundation (ERP) systemEngineering with Computers361421-43320203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 A systematic review and meta-analyses of artificial neural network application in geotechnical engineering theory and applicationNeural Computing and Applications322495-51820204.664ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Corresponding Author
 A predictive model based on an optimized ANN combined with ICA for predicting the stability of slopesEngineering with Computers361325-34420203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Optimization of ANFIS with GA and PSO estimating α ratio in driven pilesEngineering with Computers   20203.551ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Assessment of disturbance impact of hydraulic jacked-in pile penetration in artificial clayey soilMarine Georesources and Geotechnology   20201.716ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Prediction of Pullout Behavior of Belled Piles through Various Machine Learning Modelling TechniquesSensors (Basel, Switzerland)1917 20193.031ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 A Novel Swarm Intelligence-Harris Hawks Optimization for Spatial Assessment of Landslide SusceptibilitySensors (Basel, Switzerland)1916 20193.031ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Determination of young elasticity modulus in bored piles through the global strain extensometer sensors and real-time monitoring data.Applied Sciences (Switzerland)915306020192.217ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Applications of rice husk ash as green and sustainable biomassJournal of Cleaner Production   20196.395ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Microstructural Characteristics of Organic Soils Treated With Biomass Silica StabilizerEnvironmental Earth Science781236720191.453ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Corresponding Author
 Bearing capacity performance of soft cohesive soil treated by kenaf limited life geotextile.Marine Georesources and Geotechnology386755-76020191.716ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Enhancement of soft soil behavior by using floating bottom ash columnsKSCE Journal of Civil Engineering23 2453-246220190.940ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Corresponding Author
 Investigation of tensile strength on alkaline treated and untreated kenaf geotextile under dry and wet conditionsGeotextiles and Geomembranes474522-52920193.715ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Corresponding Author
 Strength development of recycle concrete stabilized with fly ash rice husk geopolymer as pavement based materialRoad Materials and Pavement Design   20192.199ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Settlement evaluation of soft soil improved by floating soil cement columnInternational Journal of Geomechanics191 20192.332ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Modification of landslide susceptibility mapping using optimized PSO-ANN techniqueEngineering with Computers353967-98420191.951ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Measuring the engineering properties of marine clay treated with disposed granite wasteMeasurement131 50-6020192.38ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Novel hybrids of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) with several metaheuristic algorithms for spatial susceptibility assessment of seismic-induced landslide.  Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk1011879-191120193.333ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Experimental and intelligent techniques to estimate bearing capacity of cohesive soft soils reinforced with soil-cement columnsMeasurement124 529-53820182.38ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Predicting the Effective Depth of Soil Stabilization for Marine Clay Treated by Biomass SilicaKSCE Journal of Civil Engineering22114316-432620180.94ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Sustainable usage of calcium carbide residue for stabilization of claysJournal of Materials in Civil Engineering3060401809920181.644ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Compressive and flexural strength of polyvinyl alcohol-modified pavement concrete using recycled concrete aggregatesJournal of Materials in Civil Engineering3040401804620181.644ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Behaviour of soft soil improved by floating soil-cement columnsInternational Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics18295-11620180.469ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Corresponding Author
 Bearing capacity of soft soil model treated with end-bearing bottom ash columnsEnvironmental Earth Sciences77310020180.468ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Co-Author
 Settlement prediction of the rock-socketed piles through a new technique based on gene expression programming.Neural Computing and Applications29111115-112520184.213ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Strength and morphological characteristics of organic soil stabilized with magnesium chloride.Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology504454-45920171.102ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Corresponding Author
 Control of microbiologically influenced corrosion using ultraviolet radiationSains Malaysiana4681323-133120170.47ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Bearing capacity of sandy soil treated by Kenaf fibre geotextileEnvironmental Earth Sciences761243120171.569ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Corresponding Author
 Shaft resistance of bored piles socketed in Malaysian granite.Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Geotechnical Engineering1704335-35220170.544ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Corresponding Author
 The Influence of Bituminous Coating on Uplift Resistance of Short Pile Foundations in SandSoil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering543177-18220170.347ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Co-Author
 Review on the identification of reputation loss indicators in an onshore pipeline explosion eventJournal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries48 71-8620171.409ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Modeling of external metal loss for corroded buried pipelineJournal of Pressure Vessel Technology, Transactions of the ASME139303170220170.499ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Development of sustainable masonry units from flood mud soil: Strength and morphology investigationsConstruction and Building Materials131 682-68920172.421ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Corresponding Author
 Hybrid soliwave technique for mitigating sulfate-reducing bacteria in controlling biocorrosion: A case study on crude oil sampleEnvironmental Technology (United Kingdom)38192427-243920171.751ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 A New Model for Determining Slope Stability Based on Seismic Motion PerformanceSoil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering535344-35120160.221ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Determination of liquid limit of a low swelling clay using different cone anglesApplied Clay Science132-133 748-75220162.586ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Corresponding Author
 Strength measurement and textural characteristics of tropical residual soil stabilised with liquid polymer.Measurement91 46-5420161.742ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Xanthan gum biopolymer: An eco-friendly additive for stabilization of tropical organicEnvironmental Earth Sciences75982520161.765ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Effect of magnesium chloride solution on the physico-chemical characteristics of tropical peatEnvironmental Earth Sciences7531-920161.765ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Time-dependent physicochemical characteristics of Malaysian residual soil stabilized with magnesium chloride solutionArabian Journal of Geosciences911-1220161.224ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Behavior of Weak Soils Reinforced with End-Bearing Soil-Cement Columns Formed by the Deep Mixing MethodMarine Georesources and Geotechnology336473-48620150.644ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Corresponding Author
 Behaviour of weak soils reinforced with soil cement columns formed by the deep mixing method: Rigid and flexible footingsMeasurement68 262-27920151.526ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Corresponding Author
 Determination of pile failure mechanism under pullout test in loose sandJournal of Central South University2241490-150120150.464ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Determination of three-dimensional shape of failure in soil slopesCanadian Geotechnical Journal5291283-130120151.322ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Developing a hybrid PSO–ANN model for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of rock-socketed pilesNeural Computing and Applications   20151.492ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Co-Author
 Micro-structural analysis of strength development in low- and high swelling clays stabilized with magnesium chloride solution – A green soil stabilizerApplied Clay Science118 195-20620152.467ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Strength and Physico-chemical Characteristics of Fly Ash–Bottom Ash MixtureArabian Journal for Science and Engineering4092447-245520150.367ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Combination effects of ultrasound wave and biocide treatment on the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB)Desalination and Water Treatment52 19-2120140.852ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ3Co-Author
 Deformation model of sand around short piles under pullout testMeasurement63 110-11920141.526ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Determining the unique direction of sliding in three-dimensional slope stability analysisEngineering Geology182 97-10820141.757ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Relationship between liquidity index and stabilized strength of local subgrade materials in a tropical areaMeasurement55 231-23720141.52ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Corresponding Author
 Evaluation of kaolin slurry properties treated with cement.Measurement501222-22820141.13ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ2Corresponding Author
 Information for the Malaysian asphalt industry towards better pavement interlayer bondingSains Malaysiana433467-47420140.408ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ4Co-Author
 The contribution of particle swarm optimization to three-dimensional slope stability analysisScientific World Journal  97309320141.73ISI JournalJournal ArticleQ1Co-Author
 Effect of Alkali-Activator to Bottom Ash Ratio on the Undrained Shear Strength of Bottom Ash based GeopolymerIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science49810120412020 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Rock slope monitoring using drone based multispectral and thermal imagesIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science54010120242020 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Evaluation of Coal Bottom Ash Properties and Its Applicability as Engineering MaterialIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science49810120442020 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Load-deformation analysis on a slope at Gunung Pulai water treatment plant, Sultan Ibrahim ReservoirIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science52710120312019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Compaction characteristics of lime-treated tropical soilIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science52710120072019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Bottom ash utilization: A review on engineering applications and environmental aspectsIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science52710120062019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Monitoring strain development of soil slope using distributed optical fibre sensor  IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science52710120272019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Instrumented Laterally Loaded Pile Test using Distributed Fibre Optic SensorGeotechnical Engineering Journal50236-422019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Shear strength improvement of lateritic soil stabilized by biopolymer based stabilizerGeotechnical and Geological Engineering   2019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusMain Author
 Load transfer mechanism of group of floating soil cement column in improving soft groundIOP Conference Series: Earth & Environmental Science22010120032019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Soil water characteristic curves for laterite soil at different water contents and methods as lining systemIOP Conference Series: Earth & Environmental Science52710120022019 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Assessing the bond strength of hot mix asphalt pavement for wearing and binder coursesInternational Journal of Technology95925-9352018 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Application of distributed optical fibre for shallow foundationMATEC Web of Conferences250  2018 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Engineering properties of tanjung bin bottom ashMATEC Web of Conferences250  2018 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Application of brillouin-based distributed optical fibre sensing technology to measure strain development of a slope modelMATEC Web of Conferences250  2018 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Volumetric shrinkage of compacted soil liner for sustainable waste landfillChemical Engineering Transactions63 613-6182018 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Development of Asphalt Pull out Tester for Investigation of Tack Coat AdhesivenessThe 4th International Engineering Research and Innovation Symposium2261 2017 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Determination of Soil Specific Gravity by Using Partially Vacuum and Shaking MethodsJournal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A98 25-282017 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Sustainable Improvement of Tropical Residual Soil Using an Environmentally Friendly AdditiveGeotechnical and Geological Engineering3562613-26232017 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 The Deep Mixing Method: Bearing Capacity Studies, GeotechGeotechnical and Geological Engineering3541271-12982017 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Bearing capacity charts of soft soil reinforced by deep mixingProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Ground Improvement170112-252017 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Criteria of Acceptance for Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test for Tropical Cohesive SoilGeotechnical and Geological Engineering  1-172016 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Strip footing settlement on sandy soil due to eccentricty loadInternational Journal of GEOMATE1152741-27462016 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Utilisation of transparent synthetic soil surrogates in geotechnical physical models: A reviewJournal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering84568-5762016 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Model test on the axial capacity of displacement ribbed pilesJurnal Teknologi788-539-452016 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Development of slope monitoring device using accelerometerJurnal Teknologi788-559-652016 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Response of suction distribution due to variations of permeability in residual soil slopeJurnal Teknologi788-5109-1152016 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Development of Rapid Consolidation Equipment for Cohesive SoilGeotechnical and Geological Engineering33 167-1742015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Comparison of human health and safety loss due to corroded gas pipeline failure in rural and urban areas: A case study in MalaysiaSolid State Phenomena227 221-2242015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Deformation model of deep soil mixing using finite element methodJurnal Teknologi741171-1762015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Determination of failure zone of vane shear test using artificial transparent soilElectronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering20156515-65262015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Discrete element modelling of complex failure mechanism at quarry slopeJurnal Teknologi72331-392015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Distributed optical-fibre strain sensing in reinforced concrete structuresJurnal Teknologi74493-972015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Influence of transport layer on transient suction distribution in a two-layered slopeJurnal Teknologi72359-742015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Numerical and physical modelling of Kaolin as backfill material for polymer concrete retaining wallJurnal Teknologi76217-222015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Performance prediction of prefabricated vertical drain in soft soil using finite element method. Jurnal Teknologi. 76 (2):67-72.Jurnal Teknologi76267-722015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Polymer concrete to normal concrete bond strength: Mohrcoulomb theoryJurnal Teknologi771627-322015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Soil water characteristic curves of compacted Kaolin for various initial moisture contentJurnal Teknologi76239-442015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 The consequence assessment of gas pipeline failure due to corrosionSolid State Phenomena227 225-2282015 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Compilation of pavement interface bond strength devices for bond strength quantificationJurnal Teknologi71315-222014 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Disinfection of sulfate reducing bacteria using ultraviolet treatment in mitigating microbiologically influenced corrosionJournal of Biological Sciences145349-3542014 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Effect of pH and temperature on corrosion of steel subject to Sulphate-Reducing BacteriaJournal of Environmental Science and Technology74209-2172014 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Markov chain model for predicting pitting corrosion damage in offshore pipelineAsian Journal of Scientific Research72208-2162014 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Mitigation of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), Desulfovibrio vulgaris using low frequency ultrasound radiationJournal of Corrosion Science and Engineering17  2014 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Relationship between strength and liquidity index of cement stabilized laterite for subgrade applicationInternational Journal of Soil Science9116-212014 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Writing critical literature review in geotechnical engineeringElectronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering19 2429-24362014 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Assessment of soil nailing performance by using finite element and finite difference methodsElectronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering18 5881-5942013 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Effect of stabilized laterite on California bearing ratio (CBR) and unconfined compressive strength (UCS)Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering18 5655-56602013 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Settlement of shallow foundations near reinforced slopesElectronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering18 797-8082013 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Telescopic non-connected piled-raft foundation (TNCPRF)Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering18 6125-61342013 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author
 Estimation of interface resistance between testing chamber and soil model using shear box testEuropean Journal of Scientific Research804472-4782012 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Estimation of wall friction of chamber box using consolidation characteristicApplied Mechanics and Materials174-177 2137-21412012 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCorresponding Author
 Relationship between soil properties and corrosion of carbon steelJournal of Applied Sciences Research831739-17472012 Scopus JournalJournal ArticleScopusCo-Author

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