TES Belief and practices of assessment and evaluation 2022

Take action, an inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.

– Steve Maraboli

After having attended an enlightening talk by Prof Dr Vijay Mallan on how to give positive feedback to students under supervision, I implemented the knowledge in a simple coffee talk session. Student attendance and participation was impressive. Students commented that more sessions like this should be conducted virtually as it is easy and convenient. They felt more motivated to complete their thesis.

My UHLB3212 Section 91 students had given their best cooperation and I believe it was because they did not feel stressed out by the assessments. In fact, they enjoyed the process of making the video resume. I relied on their power of visualization as I guided them step by step. Beginning with outlining, students could arrange neatly on paper what they wanted to highlight in the video and what they should say that would attract the employer to hire them. I shared a lot of positive videos that I found on the popular social media and shared with the students via Padlet. That way they could see the end product that I hope they could produce.