Curriculum vitae


  • Name:                                 Seriaznita binti Haji Mat Said
  • Postal Address:                   Language Academy, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
  •                                             Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra
  •                                             54100 Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia
  • Telephone:                          +603-22031343 (O)
  • Current Position:                 Senior Lecturer
  • E-mail:                       



(Academic/ Professional/ Other Qualifications obtained)

Bachelor of Education (TESL) minor in Physical Education (1995) – Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Master’s Degree M.S TESL (2003) – University Putra Malaysia, Serdang

PhD TESL (2014) – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru


ULAP0010Research Methodology
ULAB6110 Writing Skills for Postgraduates
ULAB6120 Listening & Speaking Skills for Postgraduates
MHLE1113Issues In Language For Specific Purposes (LSP)
UHLB1112English Communication Skills
UHLB 2122Advanced Academic English Skills
UHLB 3132Advanced Academic English Skills
ULAB1122Academic English Skills
ULAB2122Advanced English for Academic Communication
ULAB3162English for Professional Purposes
UZB 0312 English for Academic Communication for ATMA (Akademi Tentera Malaysia)
UZB 0322English for Academic Communication for ATMA (Akademi Tentera Malaysia)
UZB 1412English for Academic Communication for ATMA (Akademi Tentera Malaysia)
ULAB1022English for Academic Study
UDB1312/ULAB1012English Proficiency
UDB 1322/ULAB1322 English for Academic Communication
UDB 2332/ULAB2032 English for Professional Communication
Nor Azwani Binti ZakariaWorkplace-based socioconstruction of reflective practice among engineering internsPHD
Jameela HanoonMorphosyntactic Errors In The English Writings of Sri Lankan Adult Learners of English As A Second LanguagePHD
Bashar Jadah Farhan AlomairiThe Representation of The Orient In An Arab American Fictional Novel By Laila HalabiPHD
Hana Hossen ElahemerUtilising Oral Interaction to Alleviate IELTS Speaking AnxietyPHD (TESL)
Jasim Amjed Neama JasimA Postcolonial Analysis on the Deformation of The Iraqi National Identity and Culture In Two Selected NovelsPHD
Liang XiaoxiStudy on the Construction of Pre-service English Teachers’ Intercultural Communication Competence from L2 Experience PerspectivePHD
Pei XiaoyuEffects of pre-task, while-task and post-task focus on form on vocabulary acquisition by Chinese EFL learnersPHD
Wang NanCorpus-Based Assessment on Naturalness in Two English Translations of The Analects of ConfuciusPHD
Zhang YuanyangResearch on the First Language Transfer in English Vocabulary Acquisition of Chinese College StudentsPHD (TESL)
Li HailiBarriers and Strategies in Non-English Majors’ Spoken English Learning in ChinaPHD (TESL)
Fatimah Abdullah Mohammed AlmassryFour Square Writing Method to Overcome the Difficulties Among Libyan University Students in Writing Descriptive TextsPHD (TESL)
Yu ChuanqiESP Needs Analysis and Language Skill Evaluation of the Pre-service Flight Attendant Students : A Case Investigation of the Vocational Aviation Cabin Service Programs in ChinaPHD (TESL)
Kou SiruiThe Cultivation of Thinking Quality in High School English Reading Based on Problem Chain TeachingPHD
WangyuImprovement of English Academic Writing Skills through Blended Learning among Non-English Major Undergraduates in ChinaPHD (TESL)
Pavitradevi A/P GanesanGlossophobia Among TESL Undergraduates in a Malaysian UniversityPHD (TESL)
Hasan Ali Mohamed Ali Shaikh HusainThe Effect of Noticing on the Writing of Undergraduate Upper Intermediate ESL StudentsPHD (TESL)
Liu MengAnalysis of the Current Situation of the Teaching of English for Science and Technology Translation in Colleges under ESP TheoryPHD (TESL)
Xu LeileiGamification on Intrinsic Motivation and Oral Communication Skills among Chinese Tertiary Learners of Different Player Traits in Learning SpeakingPHD
Mustafa Mahdi Jubier JubierIraqi EFL Learners’ Academic Writing Performance, Thinking Styles, And Self-Regulation Strategies in A Technology Enhanced EnvironmentPHD
Farous Izwan Bin Abdul Aziz (MALAYSIA)The Persuasive Writing Features of Secondary School Students in Malaysia and Factors that Influence the Quality
Ali Salman Hummadi (IRAQ)A Multidisciplinary Approach to Genre-Based Analysis of American Presidential War Addresses
Aisha Bhatti (PAKISTAN)Code Switching Employed In English Language Classrooms In Pakistan
Al-Maliki  Malik  Oufi Jasim (IRAQ)Post 9/11 Representation of Arab Muslim Characters in Postcolonial Contemporary Novels by Arab and American Writers
Aboud Samer Majeed Aboud (IRAQ)Portrayal of Black Male Perpetrators in Toni Morrison’s Novels
Shuash Rgwan Abdalhameed Shuash (IRAQ)Discourse of Violence against Women
from a Feminist Perspective in Four Selected Postmodern English Plays
Alfarttoosi   Rana   Ali Mhoodar (IRAQ)Hybridity, Ambivalence and Identity In Selected Short Stories By Nadine Gordimer And Ama Ata Aidoo