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Who says we can’t have the cake and eat it, too??

The recording of Research Talk Series: Literature Review

Looking for ideas to teach paragraph writing (Pt. 1)

Description of the Quiz:

A paragraph or a section is broken into a few sections which are then scrambled up and labelled as O, P, Q, R, S etc. The quiz participant is required to put these sentences into a correct arrangement to form a cohesive paragraph and then select the right sequence from the given choices.
Rearrangement of Jumbled parts is one kind of language capability test question. It is a competitive quiz to test the candidates’ capacity to comprehend the sentences in English and develop a cohesive paragraph.

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A seminar not to be missed for 2016 – 10th LSP

Student-Led Online Discussions in TESOL

Blended Learning with an Interactive Classroom

Part time Masters Programme at UTM. Contact me for more information.

Language Academy Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Graduate Members

Language Academy Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Graduate Members