It’s Friday.. recite surah al-kahfi

Is it OK to drink MILO?

One of the biggest questions (at least for this month) has been answered! Boy, never before has a beverage caused so much drama.Everyone's favourite childhood drink Milo came under the spotlight recently due to its alleged high sugar … [Continue reading]

Eat your greens

An estimated 4.5 million people are living with diabetes in the UK today. Some 700 are newly diagnosed each day — it’s a modern plague and a horribly common cause of early death. But in many cases, diabetes can be eased, and even reversed, through … [Continue reading]

A lovely Malaysian couple

May Allah SWT bless this union til Jannah … [Continue reading]

Proud of a fellow Malaysian

Neelofa is one inspirational figure … [Continue reading]

Very convenient

Kudos Malacca … [Continue reading]

Do help in any way

For a family in need … [Continue reading]

I love traditional foods

Foods … [Continue reading]

A reason to be proud

Praying for your success STF … [Continue reading]

Thalassemia awareness

Hang in there sister … [Continue reading]