Teaching observation

Teaching observation is one of the component in Baseline Competencies for Differentiated Career Path (BC4DCP) for a new academic staff. Before the teaching observation session, several documents should be prepared such as teaching observation plan, course information as well as the slide of presentation (lecture note). After completing the teaching observation for one hour, we should submit the reflection on teaching observation within 7 days.

My teaching observation has been conducted at week 6 virtually via webex. The panel is Dr. Rohaya binti Talib. She’s very strict but she has taught me on how to improve in my teaching plan and execution. All in all, I learned that mistakes are meant to teach us, for the betterment of ourselves.

Most importantly, the creative and proactive elements whilst teaching. The reason is, it will greatly contribute in students’ interest towards the lesson apart from and enliven a fun learning environment. This could be achieved by blending the art and science to the teaching practices.

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