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calling for proposal – FRGS and PRGS 2017 UTM

Dear UTM Researchers,
We are pleased to inform that Ministry of Education has announced the opening of FRGS and PRGS Phase 1/2017 Grant application. Closing dates for submission of application in MyGrants system are as follows :

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)  – 15 Dec 2016 to 21 Jan 2017

Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS) – 15 Dec 2016 to 10 Jan 2017

All applications must be submitted through MyGrants Portal.
The latest Guidelines can be downloaded from RMC portal at the following link

The project proposal should meet the following basic criteria :

  1. Research project proposal is complete, following the FRGS and PRGS guideline and meets the criteria for fundamental and prototype research .
  2. Research project costs not more than RM 250,000.00 with a duration of one (1) to three (3) years (FRGS) and not more than RM 500,000 with maximum duration for two (2) years (PRGS).

iii.        Only one application for phase 1/2017 per project leader.

  1. Has been evaluated by at least two (2) evaluators from the institution.
  2.  Researcher must ensure that all previous research project reports under the Ministry of Higher Education Research Grant Scheme has been entered and completed in the MyGRANTS performance report system.

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Achievement the 4th  copyright as inventor and this is the 3rd copyright in 2015

Penghargaan as Organising Committee of IEEE Workshop on GeoScience and Remote Sensing 2015 Malaysia Chapter

Wow! something new for UTM Staff in 2016

  1. Community engagement project = 400 Scopus
  2. Kenaikan pangkat based on 4 pathways
  3. 1 policy paper = 33 Q1 journal


tunggu pekeliling or official statement keluar to verify this!

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