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Meeting RG

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First meeting with new dean FABU

Masa PKPP Dekan Fabu kedua iaitu Prof. Sr. Dr hishamudin … [Continue reading]

Webinar – how to write winning proposal

This take home message motivate us for young lecturer to keep going! We are still young … [Continue reading]

Online learning class by Dr nahra – using forum

This class, we learn how to use forum function for the students to present their video and gain feedback from other students Do not forget to give rubric for the students, so that they know they need to post at least 2 comments or questions to … [Continue reading]

NC engagement with below 45 UTM lecturers

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Introduction to mooc

Berpeluang menghadiri ceramah daripada Pensyarah yang telah mengadakan mooc New things that i learned 1) Mooc ni kene lecturer tu bercakap,. Bukan animation atau suara sahaja yang appear 2) mooc ni utk pelajar luar, org luar, bukan dari … [Continue reading]

Amanat TNcPI 2020

UTM achievement Highest myra improvement Among 3 RU that achieved 3 years average threshold The best internal audit … [Continue reading]

New year NC engagement

First meeting mesti full house … [Continue reading]

GIS on web

Training with mbjb3dis 2019 … [Continue reading]

Perhimpunan bulanan NC

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