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Envision 2025 UTM by prof helen

Utm is leading to big data analytic. How to be a data driven institution? The current big data implementation is seem not to sufficient to predict and making decision. It is still not able to produce the output of data analytic that is good enough … [Continue reading]


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Be More influential at workplace

Encounter this at my FB circle, posted by my beloved friend that I called Izan A note she highlighted after attending a talk by speaker from the London School of Economics and Science ‘Be a light, not a judge’ ‘Be a model, not a critic’ … [Continue reading]

Simple but Impactful By Prof Hamdan

Remarks: walaupun tiada geran, boleh usahakan produce paper tanpa memerlukan grant Envison UTM adalah memfokuskan kepada AIM4STAR - iaitu DNA FABU sedia ada. Jadi kita boleh … [Continue reading]

Upskilling : using Fliggrid Miro.com

Interesting, we learn how to use Miro for collaborative participation … [Continue reading]

Upskilling: Microsoft Team Day 3 – Sway

Learn Microsoft Sway Bagus untuk produce video, blogspot, storyline for E-Blog , e-book.. … [Continue reading]

Winner Day 1

Join the quiz after Microsoft Team Day 1 Dari tempat ke-5 .....and bila soalan last, naik terus jadi tempat pertama hahahaha Bukti, I pergi kelas and faham hihihih … [Continue reading]

Upskilling : Microsoft Team Day 1

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Majlis Amanat Dekan FABU 2021

Antara amanat yang disampaikan Producing paper - bukan untuk KPI tetapi sebagai peranan academia untuk menyebarkan ilmu dan membuat eksplorasi pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan Interesting! Be a Profesional Academia - able to inspire others … [Continue reading]

Do and Don’t in FRGS Proposal

Sharing by Prof Rafi tips cite your own paper/members to strength your proposalthe proposal must relate with what project that you have done --- look back at your previous project and papers the very important and details section is Methodology … [Continue reading]