Apa beza genotype Dan phenotype

Blur aku pasal bende ni. Alhamdulilah tadi jumpa Dr zaidah dari fakulti bioscience utm and she explained in a very simple way. … [Continue reading]

Mapathon: pembelajaran berasaskan servis kepada komuniti

Awarded with bronze medal … [Continue reading]

First supervising International student

Wang YipengCo sv is Dr Alvin lauAll the best … [Continue reading]

Taklimat geran baru utm

There are 4 types of new grant Geran utm boleh utk beli laptop, printer, paper kene tulis dalam proposal. --- Geran pertama Fundamental utm grant - 1 paper Q1/Q2 rm70k for 2 years, rm100k 3 years 2 paper Q1/Q2 -------- Geran ke2 Encouragement … [Continue reading]

Nc engagement sept

Key points Bonding with student - beyond the norm Think the uniqueness - focus on asean e.g … [Continue reading]

Taklimat geran ccin KTP

Maksimum rm20k Kene ada 4 sub projek Kene ada matching Dana Kene ada dua sinergi - komuniti /industry atau jab kerajaan … [Continue reading]

Taklimat pelajar baharu 2019/2020 postgraduate

The only faculty that is fabulous … [Continue reading]

Meeting with mentor

- I learnt the way he conduct mock viva for his PhD student, the way he commenting, asking graph values that are not clear enough - commenting on writing contributions and novelty. Must in separate slides - in conclusion must aligh objectives … [Continue reading]

Utm tuan rumah international meeting landuse land over changes initiated by NASA

Berkesempatan menjada usher datuk NC utk merasmikan Nasa meeting. First time jumpa dah kene sound sbb not able to deliver what he asked in layman answer. Hahaha Next time be careful. When nc asked, jawab dgn bagi contoh details. Do not too general … [Continue reading]

Panel GBES

First GBES conference organized by FABU. My role as evaluator for determining the best speaker. Learnt so many new knowledge today esp on the limitation of GPR on hot and wet environment. The geodetic model development could be in static, semi and … [Continue reading]