Archives for June 2021

Online Session – Perjumpaan Dekan Bersama Staf FABU

Alhamdulillah this morning we had the opportunity to listen to Tuan Dekan as he delivers his speech in the supposed regular engagement with staff. Some of the content are related to the situation of Covid19, PKP, UTM’s PKPD and the recent academic SOP. It looks like it will take plenty time before the students can really return to UTM. We miss the time when UTM is packed full of students, looking and listening to them.

My 1st post after so long hiatus – Heliyon paper

Ironically what I want to share is a paper of us published in Heliyon, a WoS indexed journal. It is an open access paper so you guys can reach it for free. Just visit this link.

Apparently, you guys can reach it as well on my ResearchGate.

This study was supported by Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) (PTDF/ED/PHD/UHA/1304/17), UTM Encouragement Research (UTMER) (Grant No. Q. J130000.2652.17J58) and MOE Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (R. J130000.7852.5F290). So thank you.

Happy reading and citing!