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April 2024 | Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan Academia UTM Johor Bahru

Archives for April 2024

Majlis Bersama Naib Canselor – Jan 24

Indeed UTM is on the right track insyaALlah

Daily Routine for Zaki Autistic

Sensory brushing using Therapressure brush – Willbarger Protocol. This is to improve his hyper-sensory condition
Reciting ruqyah anak istimewa onto a glass of water and let him drink, hopefully can soothe him insyaALlah
Ritalin LA in the morning to increase focus and Risperidone at night to improve his emotion (increase dopamine – happy hormone)
Lavender and Cedarwood EO thought to improve his mood

The routine is endless actually, especially to make sure that his tantrum won’t happen – making sure he is not hungry, hug him when the mood decreases, wearing earmuff to avoid loud sound etc. Hopefully you will be better Zaki insyaALlah.

Don’t get him wrong. I told Zaki to smile and this is what he gave me πŸ™‚

An Integrated Investigation Of Hydrocarbon Pollution In Ahoada Area, Niger Delta Region, Nigeria – a journal article by my 1st PhD student Dr Hafiz Aminu Umar from Nigeria – Feb 23

An article by Dr Hafiz Aminu Umar, also the correspondence. Co authored by me, myself, Sanusi Shiru, Prof Anuar Ahmad FABU UTM, PM Dr Zulkarnain Abd Rahman FABU, PM Dr Ami Hassan Md Din FABU. Published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research, WoS-indexed, impact factor 5.19.

Dr Hafiz started his journey in UTM in 2015 doing M.Sc (Geoinformatics). I taught him the Geospatial Database course. He was then awarded the prestigious Petroleum Technological Development Fund (PTDF) from Nigeria to pursue his PhD. The fund was intended for him to pursue his PhD in the western countries. Instead, UTM was chosen by him. ALhamdulillah I am so glad with the choices he made, proving that UTM is competent against the western higher learning institutes. He manages to GoT. Now he is the lecturer at The Federal University Dutse in Nigeria.

A visit to Sireh Park, JB for consultation work on slope mitigation – Jun 22

We went there with Prof Azman Kassim FKA, PM Dr Rini Asnida FKA, PM Dr Zulkarnain FABU and Dr Irfan FKA. Allahyarham Muhammad Azril Hezmi can be seen at the back. Abg Khairul from Sireh Park can be seen as well.
One of the slope failure mitigation
One of the map product that we manage to produce in the report. So glad the report is given the green light by the board of SIreh Park, chaired by MBIP mayor

A trip to Langkawi, Kedah with the wifey and kiddos – Nov 22

The beach at Berjaya Resort
Zaki has the membership of The Butterfly Effect, due to this, the whole of the family is given the privilege to stay in the Snoozelen Room while waiting for our flight
Another perk of The Butterfly Effect is that when you disembark your flight at the destination, there is already one airport staff which will accompany us from the flight until the terminal. Thanks MAHB!
Girls waiting to board their flight. Hopefully they are happy with the trip

A Visit to Kota Kuala Kedah – Feb 24

On top of going to Alor Setar, Kedah for a meeting with one of the research entity, I took the opportunity to visit Kota Kuala Kedah. It was said that this fort is built around 400 – 500 years ago for the defence of Kedah especially from Siam. It is magnificent.

Free, free Palestine

Yeah, you got it right. It ain’t suddenly started on Oct 23.

Two IJBES papers from two of my students

A Systematic Review of The Recent Geospatial Approach in Addressing Spatially-related Radicalism and Extremism Issues. A paper by Juhaida Jamal, my PhD student, correspondence is me, co-authored by Ami Hassan Md Din, Hafiz Aminu Umar from Nigeria and Prof Mizan UPNM
Assessing the Influence of Anthropogenic Causal Factors on Landslide Susceptibility in Bukit Antarabangsa, Selangor. A paper by Amos Mafigiri, my PhD student from Uganda, correspondence by me, myself. Co-authored by Ami Hassan Md Din and Muhammad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman

International Journal of Built Environment and Sustainability, WoS-indexed, IF 0.8.

What we as the parents of a special kid (autistic) can experience during Hari Raya, hehe

When hyper sensory rules, even a slightly high pitch sound can cause a trouble


The Changing Faces of my Hometown – Changkat Jering!

Look at the new Taiping Selatan terminus interchange of WCE Highway adjoining the well established Changkat Jering toll of PLUS Highway. My house where I grew can be seen in the red circle.